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Outer Banks

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Series Logline.

A group of teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks stumble upon a treasure map that unearths a long buried secret.Netflix

"Outer Banks" Status Report.

What we know and what we don't.

Here are the basics:

  • There is a season 4 in the works with a release date of sometime in 2024. We'll keep you posted.
Discretion ...
Seasons ... 3
Episodes ... 30
Network ... Netflix(2020)
Status ... Se.4 Production12/11/2023
Genres ... ActionCrimeDrama
IMDb ID ... 10293938

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Notable Series Cast
Chase Stokes Chase Stokes ... John B
Madelyn Cline Madelyn Cline ... Sarah Cameron
Madison Bailey Madison Bailey ... Kiara
Jonathan Daviss Jonathan Daviss ... Pope
Rudy Pankow Rudy Pankow ... JJ
Austin North Austin North ... Topper
Charles Esten Charles Esten ... Ward Cameron
Drew Starkey Drew Starkey ... Rafe
Adina Porter Adina Porter ... Sheriff Peterkin
Cullen Moss Cullen Moss ... Deputy Shoupe
Deion Smith Deion Smith ... Kelce
Caroline Arapoglou Caroline Arapoglou ... Rose
Julia Antonelli Julia Antonelli ... Wheezie Cameron
E. Roger Mitchell E. Roger Mitchell ... Heyward
CC Castillo CC Castillo ... Lana Grubbs
Nicholas Cirillo Nicholas Cirillo ... Barry
Chelle Ramos Chelle Ramos ... Deputy Plumb
Brian Stapf Brian Stapf ... Cruz
Gary Weeks Gary Weeks ... Luke
Marland Burke Marland Burke ... Mike
Charles Halford Charles Halford ... Big John
Michael Otis Michael Otis ... Hugh Landry
Rob Mars Rob Mars ... Deputy Thomas

Writing Team

Series Writers
Jonas Pate Jonas Pate ... Writer (created by)
Josh Pate Josh Pate ... Writer (created by)
Shannon Burke Shannon Burke ... Writer (created by)
Rachel Alter Rachel Alter ... Writer
Kathleen Hale Kathleen Hale ... Writer
Keith Josef Adkins Keith Josef Adkins ... Writer
Jay Beattie Jay Beattie ... Writer
Dan Dworkin Dan Dworkin ... Writer


Notable Wins (series)
People's Choice Award Season 1 ... The Bingeworthy Show of 2020


The Outer Banks 2 poster


Additional Content
Cast Photos ... IMDb/Getty
Box Office ... IMDb Pro
Poster ... Official Site
Awards ... 46th People's Choice Awards
Studio ... Netflix

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