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Performer Quick-Bio

Maxwell Jenkins

Maxwell Jenkins's primary photo.

Remember that name. Cuz he's going to be a superstar. Currently, Max plays Will Robinson in Netflix's "Lost in Space". And although he wants to write or DP (director of photography) one day, as an actor - he's lit. In 2019 Max was named one of the "Top 30 Stars Under 18" (The Hollywood Reporter). And that impressive list of 30 includes the "Stranger Things" kids, and the young cast of "It"!

Girls, this future heartthrob is 14 (his birthday is May 3, 2005). Max is on Twitter and Instagram and often interacts with fans. He's athletic, a musician, snow/skateboarder, and circus performer. Max is proud supporter of Midnight Circus (the family-run charity) and the ASPCA (animal lover!) And, in 2019, he joined his striking public school teachers in Chicago on the picket line. (Photo: Yuri Hasegawa/THR)

Coming in the new year, we're replacing our transcripts with screenplays for our FANDOM shows!. That means, Stranger Things, Lost in Space, the Umbrella Academy (and more) will have easier to read screenplays. They almost ready like a book. Have a look at what we mean, with "The Irishman" screenplay.

We're reformatting everything! Until then, browse the rest of the 8FLiX 'classic' look.

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