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FYC means, "For Your Consideration." If you're an avid movie fan or a prolific reader of screenplays then you've likely heard of "FYC." American studios use this acronym when referring to certain films during what is known as "awards season." Movies tagged FYC are often the studio's most critically acclaimed films, and are widely considered to be serious contenders for major awards.

In the US, awards season starts in September and runs through the end of the Academy Awards month, typically February.

What We Mean By "FYC"

Our version of "For Your Consideration" is similar.

So, 8FLiX doesn't give out awards. We're not a studio. But we do have plenty of award-winning screenplays, and binge-worthy series that we've (also) labelled FYC. Here you'll find detailed information about selected movies and series.

Euphoria, Heartstopper, Stranger Things, The Crown, and Young Royals are the most popular on 8FLiX. Download series transcripts, teleplays, learn more about cast, watch clips from the show... there's so much to discover!


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Yes, you're right. Popular FYC titles like Captain America, Dune, and of course, Harry Potter. There's too many to mention, but you can access them all. Free.

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