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Series Logline.

First crushes, first kisses, fun with friends — and feuds with rivals. In the halls of Galileo Galilei Middle School, every day is full of surprises! Netflix

"DI4RI" Status Report.

What we know and what we don't.

Here are the basics:


  • The series has wrapped production after two seasons and 29 episodes in total. There are currently no plans for additional seasons. If that changes, we'll let you know.


  • The first 7 episodes of DI4RIES (Diaries) dropped on Netflix in Italy September 12, and October 13 worldwide.
  • The remaining episodes: henceforth called "Part 2" will air sometimes between now and Christmas (2023).
  • The remaining episodes will conclude the series... which surprisingly found a large following east of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • According to a video posted on Instagram by the show's cast in February 2023, "DI4RI" has been renewed for a second season.
  • This charming coming-of-age series will best appreciated by the early-to-mid-teen crowd. I was encouraged to add this series to the 8FLiX database by my best-friend-since-childhood, Frankie. Well, his daughter (and my goddaughter), actually. They recently moved back to the "old country" and caught this series on Netflix. "DI4RI" has been showing in Italy since May 2022, but released worldwide on July 26.
  • "DI4RI" is similar to many of the age-appropriate and middle/high school based series. It's basically Degrassi meets Ferris Bueller. There are a few exceptions, tho.
  • The novelty with "DI4RI" (at least to a North American youth audience) is where it's based (a beautiful island town in the Gulf of Naples), and its nearly unrealistic portrayal of middle school life as we know it.
  • The show centers around a boy called Pietro (played by my goddaughter's latest obsession, Italian model and actor Andrea Arru), his friends, Daniele, Giulio, Livia, Monica, and Arianna, and the drama that surrounds their home and school life. Love triangles, bullies, LGBTQ2+ relations (and struggles), and the threat of their beloved school closing permanently, basically covers the series' inaugural 15-episode season.
  • Your kids will love it. It's wholesome, good-natured, and will likely, at least for a little while, take their minds off of the reality of their own middle school life.
  • As of this writing, there's no word on whether the series will get a second season.
Discretion ...
Seasons ... 2
Episodes ... 29
Network ... Netflix(2022-2023)
Status ... Complete06/22/2024
Genres ... ComedyDramaFamily
IMDb ID ... 20449034

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Notable Cast (≥8 episodes)
Andrea ArruAndrea Arru...Pietro Maggi
Flavia LeoneFlavia Leone...Livia Mancini
Biagio VendittiBiagio Venditti...Daniele Parisi
Sofia NicoliniSofia Nicolini...Isabel Diop
Liam NicolosiLiam Nicolosi...Giulio Paccagnini
Federica FranzellittiFederica Franzellitti...Monica Piovani
Francesca La CavaFrancesca La Cava...Arianna Rinaldi
Pietro SparvoliPietro Sparvoli...Mirko Valenti
Fiorenza TessariFiorenza Tessari...Teacher
Fortunato CerlinoFortunato Cerlino...Paolo Agresti
Massimo Pio GiuntoMassimo Pio Giunto...Michele
Marta LatinoMarta Latino...Lucia
Lorenzo NicolòLorenzo Nicolò...Silverio
Alessandro LaffiAlessandro Laffi...Matteo
Narciso SantiagoNarciso Santiago...Damiano
Federico CempellaFederico Cempella...Nico

Writing Team

Mariano Di Nardo Mariano Di Nardo ... Writer
Simona Ercolani Simona Ercolani ... Writer
Angelo Pastore Angelo Pastore ... Writer


DI4RIES season 2 character poster.


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