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Take a look at the "Stranger Things 4 - Papa" episode logline.

Nancy has sobering visions, and El passes an important test. Back in Hawkins, the gang gathers supplies and prepares for battle. Netflix

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* There is some dispute to the authenticity of this version. However, we chose to include it in our database because because it follows the fundamentals of professional writing. Although the original metadata confirms a creation date of April 1, 2020, the script may not have been authored by the credited writers.

Stranger Things 408 episode poster by artist Billy Butcher
Type ...
Version ... Production DraftBlue Revisions
Episode ... 4.08
Date ... 04.01.2020
Pages ... 87
Genres ... DramaFantasyHorror
Teleplay ... Matt DufferRoss Duffer
IMDb ID ... 11172054

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