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Locke & Key

Scripts, pix, analysis and more! Here's what we have on the Netflix series "Locke & Key".

Netflix TV Series2020 - CURRENTDrama, Fantasy, Horror

SEASON 2 is in PRODUCTION until March, 31, 2021

Information is topical as of 02/18/2021


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Notable Series Cast
Darby StanchfieldDarby Stanchfield...Nina Locke
Connor JessupConnor Jessup...Tyler Locke
Emilia JonesEmilia Jones...Kinsey Locke
Jackson Robert ScottJackson Robert Scott...Bode Locke
Petrice JonesPetrice Jones...Scot Cavendish
Sherri SaumSherri Saum...Ellie Whedon
Genevieve KangGenevieve Kang...Jackie Veda
Hallea JonesHallea Jones...Eden Hawkins
Laysla De OliveiraLaysla De Oliveira...Dodge
Griffin GluckGriffin Gluck...Gabe
Coby BirdCoby Bird...Rufus Whedon
Bill HeckBill Heck...Rendell Locke
Thomas Mitchell BarnetThomas Mitchell Barnet...Sam Lesser
Aaron AshmoreAaron Ashmore...Duncan Locke
Steven WilliamsSteven Williams...Joe Ridgeway
Felix MallardFelix Mallard...Lucas Caravaggio
Eric GraiseEric Graise...Logan Calloway
Asha BromfieldAsha Bromfield...Zadie Wells
Kolton StewartKolton Stewart...Brinker Martin
Kevin AlvesKevin Alves...Javi
Martin RoachMartin Roach...Detective Daniel Matuku
Nick DolanNick Dolan...Young Rendell Locke
Jesse CamachoJesse Camacho...Doug Brazelle
Nicole JamesNicole James...Young Erin Voss
Ellen Olivia GiddingsEllen Olivia Giddings...Young Kim Topher
André Dae KimAndré Dae Kim...Young Mark Cho
Sabrina SaudinSabrina Saudin...Young Ellie Whedon
Aidan ShawAidan Shaw...Young Jeff Ellis
Erica PickeringErica Pickering...Kinsey's Fear Monster
Kayla DeSouzaKayla DeSouza...Younger Kinsey
Nicole StampNicole Stamp...Nurse Ruth
Joy TannerJoy Tanner...Erin Voss
Ken PakKen Pak...Mark Cho
Owen OisOwen Ois...Young Duncan Locke


Series Writers
Meredith AverillMeredith Averill...Writer
Aron Eli ColeiteAron Eli Coleite...Writer
Carlton CuseCarlton Cuse...Writer
Joe HillJoe Hill...Writer
Gabriel RodriguezGabriel Rodriguez...Writer
Elizabeth Ann PhangElizabeth Ann Phang...Writer
Mackenzie DohrMackenzie Dohr...Writer
Andres Fischer-CentenoAndres Fischer-Centeno...Writer
Michael D. FullerMichael D. Fuller...Writer
Vanessa RojasVanessa Rojas...Writer
Brett TreacyBrett Treacy...Writer
Dan WoodwardDan Woodward...Writer


U.S. Version


Additional Content
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Box Office...IMDb Pro
Poster...Official Site

Analysis & Scripts

Season 1


After their dad's murder, three siblings move with their mom to his ancestral estate, where they discover magical keys that unlock powers — and secrets.



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