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Read some of the "2023: Top Unproduced Screenplays"

This year features 76 unproduced screenplays. Here are the final 14, indexed alphabetically from S to Z.

These scripts are considered as some of the best "2023: Top Unproduced Screenplays" of the year, according to hundreds of industry professionals who've read and rated them.

And, For Your Consideration, we have the remaining 14 scripts listed and indexed alphabetically for quick access. Including Josh Woolf's "Sea Dogs," to Abiel Bruhn's "Woodwork," and everything in between.

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Anyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer.

A word about voting... and other important stuff about the "best of" 2023 Unproduced Scripts.

Some of the scripts listed here may have since been optioned and produced. However, at the time of "voting" they were not.

Also, like all of the screenplays on this site, copyrights remain with the writer(s). 8FLiX does not claim ownership of any screenplay, nor were we involved in voting for, or choosing what makes them the "best of" a particular year.

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Screenplays on this page:
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    Sea Dogs

    Written by: Josh Woolf

    Votes: 11

    After two down-on-their-luck lobster fishermen botch a hijacking attempt on the high seas, they are forced to confront the consequences of their actions as they struggle to navigate a world they no longer recognize.


    Written by: Jordan Rosenbloom

    Votes: 42 (3rd overall in 2023)

    After passing on a hot new screenplay, a studio executive finds himself trapped as the protagonist inside the film and must regain control before the credits roll.

    screenplay unavailable



    Written by: Justin Piasecki

    Votes: 47 (2nd overall in 2023)

    A racetrack veterinarian who runs an off-the-books ER for criminals finds his practice and life in jeopardy when he’s recruited for his patient’s heist.

    The Stratford Wife

    Written by: Sarah E. Sinclair

    Votes: 8

    Anne Hathaway, a rebellious woman who has a way with words, weds William Shakespeare, an aspiring actor ten years her junior. They form a plan to sell her plays anonymously. But when William travels to London, Anne is stunned to learn he takes all the credit for himself, leaving her to forever live in the shadow of the greatest playwright to ever live.


    Written by: Nick Hurwitch

    Votes: 8

    Monsters that roam in daylight keep a small, rural family confined to a nocturnal lifestyle. But when their son starts to question the monsters’ existence, his parents must see how far they’re willing to go to keep him safe.


    Written by: Andrew Nunnelly

    Votes: 13

    The classic story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl... boy forms unexpected bromance with girl’s cat, who may actually be an intergalactic emissary sent to save humanity from itself.


    Written by: Ben Bolea

    Votes: 13

    Two border cops in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula find themselves in the crosshairs of Canadian biker gangs, international drug cartels, and shady government agents after intercepting a drug deal gone bad–all the day after an awkward one-night stand.


    Written by: Ben Ketai

    Votes: 10

    A woman, suffocated by motherhood, has an affair with a man she hasn’t seen since high school -- only to discover he has been dead for years.


    Written by: Lynn Yu

    Votes: 7

    In the cutthroat world of K-POP, a group’s debut is threatened when someone begins to violently attack its members.

    Untitled Missing Child

    Written by: Brenna Galvin

    Votes: 13

    A mom-fluencer’s life unravels when her child goes missing and an unexpected discovery mires the investigation in a battle of perception. With buried secrets exposed, our mom is forced to take matters into her own hands, turning a simple missing person’s case into a story with twists that even the internet wouldn’t believe.

    We Got Next

    Written by: Aaron GoldbergAlex GoldbergMichael Goldberg

    Votes: 17

    The true story of how one daring executive beat the odds to launch the longest-running league in women’s sports: the WNBA.

    What’s My Age Again?

    Written by: Jackson Kellard

    Votes: 13

    The true story of Kansas teenager Jack Bergeson’s meteoric rise and fall after he discovered a loophole in the state’s constitution that allowed him to run for governor, inciting a statewide youth movement that changed politics forever.

    The Wolf in Chiefs Clothing

    Written by: Adam Best

    Votes: 11

    A lovable loser from a family of criminals becomes the Kansas City Chiefs’ most famous superfan. His newfound status is expensive, so he teams up with his imaginary friend–an anthropomorphic version of the team’s wolf mascot–and goes on a bank-robbing spree.


    Written by: Abiel Bruhn

    Votes: 8

    While settling his mother’s estate, awkward loner James reunites with his long-lost brother Rob who oozes wealth, charm, and confidence–but the chance encounter leads to a twisted game of wits and violence.

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