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This year features 76 unproduced screenplays. Here are the next 13, indexed alphabetically from P to R.

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Anyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer.

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Screenplays on this page:
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    Written by: Zach Strauss

    Votes: 9

    A woman who discovers she is suffering from severe synesthesia gets recruited into the secretive, cult-like industry of color design by a mysterious corporation but then uncovers the bloody, dark, and twisted reality of what it really takes to make the world’s next great hues.


    Written by: Filipe Coutinho

    Votes: 21 (7th overall in 2023)

    The untold and unfiltered true story of legendary country singer Patsy Cline, from her humble beginnings in Virginia to her untimely death at the height of her fame.

    The Peasant

    Written by: Will Dunn

    Votes: 12

    In the 14th Century, a lone shepherd rages against a company of mercenary knights after they ransack his peaceful peasant community, proving that he is more than he seems.

    The Pentester

    Written by: Jesse Quiñones

    Votes: 12

    When a pentester with a perfect track record for breaching his clients’ security systems takes an unusually high-paying job, his success proves to be in vain as he finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy where the only way out is forward.

    People Walk Dogs Late at Night in the Suburbs

    Written by: Drake Wootton

    Votes: 7

    A charming high school math teacher - about to be a father - comes up with a plan to course correct his life after having an affair with his student.

    Personal Best

    Written by: Ryan Hoang Williams

    Votes: 10

    Based on the true story of James Hogue, a talented student and long-distance runner who was admitted to Princeton University under the false identity of “Alexi Indris-Santana”–an orphaned, self-educated, teenage ranch hand.

    Please Come Back

    Written by: Mike George

    Votes: 7

    A young couple who perform rituals to raise people from the dead get more than they bargained for when they attempt to re-animate a young girl who doesn’t remember how she died.


    Written by: Nika Burnett

    Votes: 17

    When a young woman returns home from the Navy, she joins a local water polo team and finds herself fighting a new battle.

    The Profit

    Written by: Andrew Ferguson

    Votes: 16

    The astonishing true story of how an unknown, evangelical Christian immigrant, Bill Hwang, suffered the greatest loss of wealth in American history, gambling away his $35 billion fortune and jeopardizing the entire financial system in under forty eight hours.


    Written by: Jeremy Marwick

    Votes: 7

    A commercial diver fights to survive after a boating accident leaves her for dead underwater.

    Return to Sender

    Written by: Russell Goldman

    Votes: 20 (9th overall in 2023)

    When a woman experiences delivery scams that grow increasingly personal and strange, she becomes hellbent on discovering her anonymous sender.


    Written by: Evan Twohy

    Votes: 8

    A married man takes his girlfriend on a romantic getaway to a villa. There is a swimming pool.


    Written by: Tommy WhiteMiles Hubley

    Votes: 13

    High end courier, Hank Malone, has three hours to transport a liver from LAX to a Santa Barbara hospital for immediate transplant surgery. The recipient? A dying seven-year-old girl with the rarest blood type on the planet. If only the head of the Southland’s most dangerous crime syndicate didn’t need the organ too.

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