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    Written by: Rachel Lambert

    Votes: 18

    A family doctor in East Cleveland juggles his personal life, as he reconnects with an old flame, deals with his teenage daughter’s problems, and selling his family’s medical practice.


    Written by: Sarah Rothschild

    Votes: 10

    A single dad tries to bond with his teenage daughter by chaperoning her field trip, only to have to save the world (and possibly her virginity) when an ancient evil is unleashed.

    The Crowd

    Written by: Jack Heller

    Votes: 10

    In a claustrophobic race against time, a woman must unravel the mystery behind a malevolent crowd before she succumbs to their relentless pursuit.

    Dickens vs. Andersen

    Written by: Tricia LeeCorey Brown

    Votes: 7

    In the not-so-distant future, an Asian-American woman works at a company where you can hire people to write your dreams. When one of her clients mysteriously dies, she realizes that those who have the power to write your dreams, also have the power to write your nightmares.


    Written by: Jackson Kellard

    Votes: 24 (5th overall in 2023)

    The inspiring true story of international soccer icon Didier Drogba and his efforts to end a bloody civil war in his home country of Ivory Coast; not just with the skill of his feet, but also with the power of his voice.

    Die Fast

    Written by: Julian Meiojas

    Votes: 9

    Following a severe, soon to be fatal, brain injury during a violent attack, an NYPD sergeant embarks on a harrowing journey of vengeance, which leaves her only a few hours of adrenaline-bursting consciousness to hunt down those who took her daughter and killed her husband before she dies.


    Written by: Chiara Atik

    Votes: 7

    What’s worse than a cruise? Being a twenty-seven-year-old single woman chaperoning your ninety something grandparents on one, right after a crippling break-up.

    Down Came the Rain

    Written by: Katie Found

    Votes: 9

    When a woman gives birth to a spider, she begins to question her unraveling reality and the psychological and arachnid horrors of postpartum motherhood.


    Written by: Marc Bloom

    Votes: 8

    A team of financially desperate hotel employees embark on a deadly treasure hunt to recover priceless diamonds from a wrecked yacht in the middle of “The Red Triangle,” the world’s most dangerous hunting ground for great white sharks.

    The Final Score

    Written by: Will Hettinger

    Votes: 11

    Two FBI agents are pitted against a crew of bank robbers–and each other–as they grapple with order and chaos inside their own department and home lives.

    First You Hear Them

    Written by: Sean Harrigan

    Votes: 19 (10th overall in 2023)

    A group of twenty-somethings try the 'perfect drug' for the first time. It’s only when they come down from the euphoric high that the hauntings begin: First you hear them. Then you see them. Then they come for you.


    Written by: Jack Waz

    Votes: 14

    In order to propose to the girl of his dreams, a lovestruck guy must first survive her hometown’s annual Christmas fighting tournament.


    Written by: Sam Boyer

    Votes: 19 (11th overall in 2023)

    When the illegitimate daughter of a Portland billionaire goes missing, her loved ones turn to Juno and Andi, local homesteaders and members of The Foragers–a grassroots network of experts dedicated to finding the lost and bringing them home.

    Forbidden Fruits

    Written by: Meredith AllowayLily Houghton

    Votes: 20 (8th overall in 2023)

    Free People employee Apple secretly runs a witchy femme cult in the basement of the mall store after hours with fellow fruits Cherry and Fig. But when new hire Pumpkin challenges their ‘girl boss’ ways, the women are forced to face their own poisons or succumb to a bloody fate. Based on Lily Houghton’s stage play: Of The Woman Came The Beginning Of Sin And Through Her We All Die.

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