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This year features 76 unproduced screenplays. Here are the next 12, indexed alphabetically from L to O.

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Read and download some of the best "2023: Top Unproduced Screenplays" of the year, according to hundreds of industry professionals who've read and rated them.

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Anyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer.

A word about voting... and other important stuff about the "best of" 2023 Unproduced Scripts.

Some of the scripts listed here may have since been optioned and produced. However, at the time of "voting" they were not.

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Screenplays on this page:
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    Last Resort

    Written by: Laura Stoltz

    Votes: 11

    When a grieving woman takes a trip to a posh, Icelandic resort designed to assist its guests with ending their lives, she meets people who finally force her to accept the things she cannot explain.

    The Last Tower

    Written by: Aaron Sala

    Votes: 10

    When a disaster strikes, a family is trapped in their high-rise Miami hotel. With danger closing in fast, they’re left with only one way to go: Up.

    The Light at the End

    Written by: Arun Croll

    Votes: 11

    When a solar event fills the sky with endless light that kills everything it touches, a young woman must find a way to escape the house where she is trapped with a doomsday cultist.

    Love and War and Guernica

    Written by: Sam Zvibelman

    Votes: 14

    Against the backdrop of a present-day, war-torn, America, Love and War and Guernica is a dark comedy about Neil Mudd, a reporter for the Union who is suffering from writer’s block ever since his break-up, and his engaging with a mysterious horse following him through war torn Los Feliz, California. When the Union recruits Neil for a top secret mission, he and the horse go on an epic journey that, emotionally, serves as a metaphor for the war going on inside Neil’s heart.


    Written by: Nick Tassoni

    Votes: 8

    When a park ranger ventures into the wilderness to find a missing hiker before a storm, she finds herself lured into the woods by a dangerous, unearthly predator mimicking her dead daughter.

    The Masque of the Red Death

    Written by: Charlie Polinger

    Votes: 13

    A grotesquely hilarious dark comedy based on Edgar Allen Poe’s short story "The Masque of the Red Death."


    Written by: Nathan Elston

    Votes: 7

    When an unhoused teen turns up brutally murdered, his estranged brother searches for answers in the underworld of New York City and uncovers a series of horrifying crimes hiding deep in the abandoned subway systems.

    The Nest

    Written by: Aaron Benjamin

    Votes: 17

    Confined to "the nest," a Secret Service Sniper gets a strange call on the radio from a deranged mastermind who’s holding his family hostage in a box suite during America’s biggest game– The Super Bowl.

    The Nowhere Game

    Written by: Alex Pototsky

    Votes: 9

    Two young women are kidnapped, brought deep into the woods, given a head start, and then hunted down by their sadistic captor all for the pleasure of the online fans of "The Nowhere Game."

    Old Time Hockey

    Written by: Kevin Jakubowski

    Votes: 7

    A forty-three-year-old snowplow driver decides to get his high school hockey team back together to play a state championship game.

    Our House

    Written by: Will Youmans

    Votes: 12

    When she wins an essay competition, Leila Moseley is brought to Capitol Hill to be honored by the United States Congress, but her luck runs out when the ceremony intersects with a violent insurrection, and she must team up with a group of aides, interns, and nepo babies to battle for survival against a legion of protesters and a secret society.

    Our Man in Miami

    Written by: Ozzy Inguanzo

    Votes: 12

    A Miami construction contractor transforms into a notorious sports agent when he hatches a highstakes scheme to steal Fidel Castro’s most prized assets–Cuban baseball players–for the New York Yankees. Based on the wild true story.

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