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King Richard

Discover the plot, cast, script and facts about the 2021 movie starring Will Smith.

Here's what we have on the Warner Bros. feature, "King Richard". You can also read and download the official screenplay here, at 8FLiX.

TBA | Biography, Drama, Sport

Based on the true story that will inspire the world, Warner Bros. Pictures’ "KING RICHARD" follows the journey of Richard Williams, an undeterred father instrumental in raising two of the most extraordinarily gifted athletes of all time, who will end up changing the sport of tennis forever. Two-time Oscar nominee Will Smith stars as Richard, under the direction of Reinaldo Marcus Green ("Monsters and Men).

Driven by a clear vision of their future and using unconventional methods, Richard has a plan that will take Venus and Serena Williams from the streets of Compton, California to the global stage as legendary icons. The profoundly moving film shows the power of family, perseverance and unwavering belief as a means to achieve the impossible and impact the world.

King Richard Release Date & Where To Watch

Stream it on HBO Max, or be social and see it at the cinema.

"King Richard" premieres November 19, 2021.

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Notable Cast
Will SmithWill Smith...Richard Williams
Jon BernthalJon Bernthal...Rick Macci
Tony GoldwynTony Goldwyn...Paul Cohen
Erin CummingsErin Cummings...Social Worker
Aunjanue EllisAunjanue Ellis...Brandi Williams
Susie AbromeitSusie Abromeit...Robin Finn
Judith ChapmanJudith Chapman...Nancy Reagan
Saniyya SidneySaniyya Sidney...Venus Williams
Demi SingletonDemi Singleton...Serena Williams
Noah BeanNoah Bean...Steven
Hannah BarefootHannah Barefoot...Mother
Andy BeanAndy Bean...Laird Stabler
Katrina BeginKatrina Begin...Anne Worcester
Vaughn W. HebronVaughn W. Hebron...Monsta
Chet GrissomChet Grissom...Matthew Titone
Craig TateCraig Tate...Roc


Pete DocterPete Docter...Screenplay
Bob PetersonBob Peterson...Screenplay

Box Office Data

(2021) U.S. Dollars
Opening weekend...$-
Gross (US & Canada)...$-
Gross (World)...$-


Additional Content
Cast Photos...IMDb
Box Office...IMDb Pro
Poster...Official Site
Studio...Warner Bros.


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