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The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Script, cast, trailer and more!

Here's what we have on one of the greatest films ever made, "The Shawshank Redemption".

142 min | Drama

From a novella by best-selling author Stephen King comes a poignant tale of the human spirit. Red (Freeman), serving a life sentence, and Andy Dufresne (Robbins), a mild-mannered banker wrongly convicted of murder, forge an unlikely bond that will span more than twenty years. Together they discover hope as the ultimate means of survival. Under horrifying conditions and the ever-present threat of violence, two lifers reclaim their souls and find freedom within their hearts in THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.

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Discover what's inside "The Shawshank Redemption".

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Notable Cast
Tim RobbinsTim Robbins...Andy Dufresne
Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman...Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding
Bob GuntonBob Gunton...Warden Norton
William SadlerWilliam Sadler...Heywood
Clancy BrownClancy Brown...Captain Hadley
Gil BellowsGil Bellows...Tommy
Mark RolstonMark Rolston...Bogs Diamond
James WhitmoreJames Whitmore...Brooks Hatlen
Jeffrey DeMunnJeffrey DeMunn...1946 D.A.
Larry BrandenburgLarry Brandenburg...Skeet
Neil GiuntoliNeil Giuntoli...Jigger
Brian LibbyBrian Libby...Floyd
David ProvalDavid Proval...Snooze
Joseph RagnoJoseph Ragno...Ernie
Jude CiccolellaJude Ciccolella...Guard Mert
Paul McCranePaul McCrane...Guard Trout


Frank DarabontFrank Darabont...Writer (screenplay)
Stephen KingStephen King...Writer (novel)


Notable Wins
Roger Deakins...Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases
National Film Preservation Board...National Film Registry
Best DVD/Blu-Ray Collection...As a part of 'The Frank Darabont Collection'

Box Office Data

(1994) U.S. Dollars
Opening weekend...$727,327
Gross (US & Canada)...$28,699,976
Gross (World)...$28,817,291


Additional Content
Cast Photos...IMDb
Box Office...IMDb Pro
Poster...Official Site
Awards...9th Annual ASC Awards (1994)
Awards...National Film Registry (2015)
Awards...42nd Saturn Awards (2016)
Studio...Warner bros.
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