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Series Logline.

The continuing misadventures of neurotic New York City stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his equally neurotic New York City friends. NBC

"Seinfeld" Status Report.

What we know and what we don't.

The entire series is now streaming on Netflix.

We have 13 teleplays (scripts-proper) available for your study and enjoyment. See more details below.

22 min/episode | Comedy

NBC Sitcom | 1989-1998

9 Seasons | 173 Episodes

Information is current as of 05/28/2022

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Notable Cast
Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld...Jerry Seinfeld
Jason AlexanderJason Alexander...George Costanza
Michael RichardsMichael Richards...Cosmo Kramer
Julia Louis-DreyfusJulia Louis-Dreyfus...Elaine Benes
Ruth CohenRuth Cohen...Ruthie Cohen
Wayne KnightWayne Knight...Newman
Heidi SwedbergHeidi Swedberg...Susan Ross
Estelle HarrisEstelle Harris...Estelle Costanza
Jerry StillerJerry Stiller...Frank Costanza
Liz SheridanLiz Sheridan...Helen Seinfeld
John O'HurleyJohn O'Hurley...J. Peterman
Barney MartinBarney Martin...Morty Seinfeld
Len LesserLen Lesser...Uncle Leo
Richard_HerdRichard Herd...Wilhelm
Richard FancyRichard Fancy...Lippman
Patrick WarburtonPatrick Warburton...David Puddy


Series Writers
Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld...Writer (created by)
Larry DavidLarry David...Writer (Showrunner)
Peter MehlmanPeter Mehlman...Writer
Carol LeiferCarol Leifer...Writer
Alec BergAlec Berg...Writer
Jeff SchafferJeff Schaffer...Writer
Andy RobinAndy Robin...Writer
Gregg KavetGregg Kavet...Writer
David MandelDavid Mandel...Writer
Larry CharlesLarry Charles...Writer
Steve KorenSteve Koren...Writer
Jennifer CrittendenJennifer Crittenden...Writer
Dan O'KeefeDan O'Keefe...Writer
Tom GammillTom Gammill...Writer
Max ProssMax Pross...Writer
Spike FerestenSpike Feresten...Writer
Matt GoldmanMatt Goldman...Writer
Lawrence H. LevyLawrence H. Levy...Writer


Notable Wins
People's Choice Award1996, 1997, 1998, 1999...Favorite Television Comedy Series
Emmy AwardLarry David for "The Contest"...Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Comedy Series
Emmy AwardJulia Louis-Dreyfus...Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
Emmy AwardMichael Richards...Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series


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Additional Content
Cast Photos ... IMDb/Getty
Box Office ... IMDb Pro
Poster ... Official Site
Awards ... The 45th, 48th, 49th Emmy Awards
Awards ... People's Choice Awards
Studio ... NBC
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And What Else?

My personal analysis.

"Seinfeld" or "Friends"? The best sitcom of the 20th century could be argued for the next century. But, ask yourself this: which one gave us more quotable moments? "The master of your domain."" Festivus." "No soup for you!"

I'd vote for the "show about nothing," any day.

The show lasted nine seasons and 173 episodes. The series wasn't cancelled, per se. In fact, Jerry Seinfeld opted to end the show before it had the chance to jump the shark. Therefore solidifying the quality of great television "Seinfeld" gave us throughout the 1990s.

The entire series is now streaming on Netflix.

We have 13 scripts available for your study and enjoyment.

Get the "Seinfeld" Official Scripts

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So far, we have 13 episode scripts from "Seinfeld." When I get more, I'll add them here. Enjoy!

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