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Nine Days

Plot, cast, facts and script from the 2021 movie written and directed by Edson Oda.

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"Nine Days" Plot Summary.

124 min | Drama, Fantasy

Will spends his days in a remote outpost watching the live Point of View (POV) on TV's of people going about their lives, until one subject perishes, leaving a vacancy for a new life on earth. Soon, several candidates — unborn souls — arrive at Will's to undergo tests determining their fitness, facing oblivion when they are deemed unsuitable.

But Will soon faces his own existential challenge in the form of free-spirited Emma, a candidate who is not like the others, forcing him to turn within and reckon with his own tumultuous past. Fueled by unexpected power, he discovers a bold new path forward in his own life. Sony Pictures Classics

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Notable Cast
Winston DukeWinston Duke...Will
Brandy PitcherBrandy Pitcher...Amanda's Mom
Eric RamaekersEric Ramaekers...Amanda's Dad
Eliza de Azevedo BrownEliza de Azevedo Brown...Amanda (8 Years Old)
Benedict WongBenedict Wong...Kyo
Lisa StarrettLisa Starrett...Amanda
Jeffrey HansonJeffrey Hanson...Conductor
David RysdahlDavid Rysdahl...Mike
Elizaveta ShaikhulinaElizaveta Shaikhulina...Violinist
Taran MarshallTaran Marshall...Bully
Caleb FralickCaleb Fralick...Bully 2
Sterlin EnglishSterlin English...Rick (14 Years Old)
Erika VásquezErika Vásquez...Luiza
Álvaro CortezÁlvaro Cortez...Fernando
Cherie JulanderCherie Julander...Aunt / Cecily's Mom
Perry SmithPerry Smith...Anne
Bill SkarsgårdBill Skarsgård...Kane
Amy BrownAmy Brown...Candidate 1
Arianna OrtizArianna Ortiz...Maria
David H. StevensDavid H. Stevens...Candidate 2
Tony HaleTony Hale...Alexander
Anthony LegerAnthony Leger...Candidate 3
Zazie BeetzZazie Beetz...Emma


Edson OdaEdson Oda...Writer (screenplay)


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(2021) U.S. Dollars
Opening weekend...$15,700
Gross (US & Canada)...$694,849
Gross (World)...$911,317


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