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22 July

Discover the plot, cast, script and facts from the 2018 movie.

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"22 July" Plot Summary.

After devastating terror attacks in Norway, a young survivor, grieving families and the country rally for justice and healing. Based on a true story.

Discover the "22 July" script, cast, facts and more!

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Notable Cast
Anders Danielsen LieAnders Danielsen Lie...Anders Behring Breivik
Jonas Strand GravliJonas Strand Gravli...Viljar Hanssen
Jon ØigardenJon Øigarden...Geir Lippestad
Maria BockMaria Bock...Christin Kristoffersen
Thorbjørn HarrThorbjørn Harr...Sveinn Are Hanssen
Seda WittSeda Witt...Lara Rachid
Isak Bakli AglenIsak Bakli Aglen...Torje Hanssen
Ola G. FurusethOla G. Furuseth...Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg


22 July movie poster


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Paul Greengrass on making "22 July."

"I originally wanted to make a film about the migrant crisis. And I spent a fair amount of time researching what was happening in places like Lampedusa in southern Italy, and the realities of people trafficking."

"But the more I worked on it, the more obvious it became that fear of migration, together with continuing economic stagnation, was driving a profound change in our politics."

"The door was being opened to political extremism, across Europe. Across the West. With dangerous consequences I fear..."

"That’s what lead me to make this film - because Anders Breivik and Norway shows us the consequences of this process in dramatic terms, and in ways relevant to all of us, wherever we live."

"Breivik saw himself - in his extreme narcissism - as raising the battle standard of extreme right-wing rebellion across the West."

"But the way the people of Norway responded after the attacks, which is what our film is really about - the way politicians, lawyers and most importantly those families caught up in the violence responded - can inspire all of us with their dignity and their tenacious commitment to democracy."

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