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The Godfather Part II screenplay and script

The Godfather: Part II

See the plot, cast, facts, and script from the 1974 masterpiece written by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola.

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"The Godfather: Part II" Plot Summary.

This brilliant companion piece to the original. The Godfather: Part II continues the saga of two generations of successive power within the Corleone family.

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Notable Cast
Al Pacino Al Pacino ... Michael
Robert Duvall Robert Duvall ... Tom Hagen
Diane Keaton Diane Keaton ... Kay
Robert De Niro Robert De Niro ... Vito Corleone
John Cazale John Cazale ... Fredo Corleone
Talia Shire Talia Shire ... Connie Corleone
Lee Strasberg Lee Strasberg ... Hyman Roth
Michael V. Gazzo Michael V. Gazzo ... Frankie Pentangeli
G.D. Spradlin G.D. Spradlin ... Sen. Pat Geary
Richard Bright Richard Bright ... Al Neri
Gastone Moschin Gastone Moschin ... Fanucci
Tom Rosqui Tom Rosqui ... Rocco Lampone
Bruno Kirby Bruno Kirby ... Young Clemenza
Frank Sivero Frank Sivero ... Genco
Francesca De Sapio Francesca De Sapio ... Young Mama Corleone
Morgana King Morgana King ... Mama Corleone
Marianna Hill Marianna Hill ... Deanna Corleone
Leopoldo Trieste Leopoldo Trieste ... Signor Roberto
Dominic Chianese Dominic Chianese ... Johnny Ola
Amerigo Tot Amerigo Tot ... Michael's Bodyguard
Troy Donahue Troy Donahue ... Merle Johnson
John Aprea John Aprea ... Young Tessio
Joe Spinell Joe Spinell ... Willi Cicci
Abe Vigoda Abe Vigoda ... Tessio


Notable Wins
Oscar AwardFrancis Ford Coppola...Best Director
Oscar AwardRobert De Niro...Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Oscar AwardCarmine Coppola, Nino Rota...Best Music, Original Dramatic Score
Oscar AwardFred Roos, Gray Frederickson, Francis Ford Coppola...Best Picture
Oscar AwardGeorge R. Nelson, Dean Tavoularis, Angelo P. Graham...Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Oscar AwardMario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola...Best Writing, Screenplay Adapted From Other Material

Box Office Data

(1974) U.S. Dollars
Opening weekend...$171,417
Gross (US & Canada)...$47,834,595
Gross (World)...$48,035,783


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Box Office...IMDb Pro
Poster...Official Site
Awards...The 47th Academy Awards
Studio...Paramount Pictures

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