Pirates of the Caribbean: The Complete Screenplays (2003-2017): FYC

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Complete Screenplays

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Complete Screenplay Collection

Read, study, and download every script from the Pirates franchise (2003 - 2017). Five films; five scripts; fourteen years of Captain Jack Sparrow.

A sixth "Pirates" movie is purportedly in the works at Disney, apparently without our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow. Or maybe not?

There were talks that Margot Robbie would take the helm of a yet-named ship and continue the franchise as a spin-off. However, Robbie confirmed that wasn't going to happen. At least not now.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer told Variety in December (2022) "the script will come forward" at some point.

Meanwhile, with Depp's recent series of legal victories surrounding his now-dissolved marriage to actress Amber Heard, and a massive fandom-fueled protest demanding Disney honor their $22 million contract with Depp, some say Captain Jack will be back.

There's no official word, though.

Until then, have a look at the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Complete Screenplay Collection from 8FLiX.


First, a word from the writer:

Presented for free for educational purposes, and to allow interested fans to track the progression from script to screen. Terry Rossio, Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter

The Screenplays. All of Them.

How much does all this cost, you ask? Nothing. We're fans, just like you (and poor, just like everyone).

And, each script can be downloaded and printed...which would make the perfect gift for any Pirates fan; or dare I say any Johnny Depp fan.

To me, there is only one Jack Sparrow. And to pay homage to the GOAT Pirate, I've collected the official screenplays from all five films.

Click or tap the movie of your choice (below). That will take you directly to the screenplay download page. Also, because we know you want to Parlay, don't forget to check in with each movie's main page (within the 8FLiX site). Watch the trailer, read a detailed synopsis of the movie, and remind yourself of the incredible cast from each adventure.

Enjoy the screenplays. All free, from 8FLiX and Walt Disney Motion Pictures.

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