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How do you contact us? So glad you asked!

There are a number of ways you can contact 8FLiX.

Let's start with social media.

Mailing Address

You can contact 8FLiX through social media, email, or the Contact Form below.

Phone / Text

Lonely, want to say "Hi!" or have a quick question?* You can send 8FLiX a text (or SMS as some call it).

If you don't have some sort of 'free texting package' (or whatever) that comes with your mobile service, your provider is likely going to charge you for this. We don't collect anything.

Phone / Text is temporarily unavailable.

Gotta email us instead.

* Marriage proposals are not being accepted at this time.**
** But do keep in touch, just in case.

More 8FLiX

If you're looking for Luxe 8 Flix Cinema in Fort Myers, Florida, go HERE to see their site. We aren't affiliated with them, but some of our traffic comes from people looking for their website.

They are showing many of the latest releases, and check out their comfy seats! Ans, discounts for students, seniors, and military personnel.


8FLiX no longer operates a website ( dedicated only photos. All of our series and/or movie-specific production stills and screengrabs are now posted on IMDb.

Our Home

Our main site is Right now, you can find scripts, teleplays, and television transcripts. We have no other website.

Privacy Policy

8FLiX does have a privacy policy. Find out about how we use the data footprint you leave when you visit 8FLiX. And, more importantly, what we don't do with it.

Visit 8FLiX's Privacy Policy page HERE.

Easiest way to contact 8FLiX

Let's get right to the point. No writing down addresses or phone numbers. Fill out the form (nothing will be published). And Nick will get back to you shortly.

Don't forget to read our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns about what happens to your email after you click send.

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