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Corp. is short for "corporation." 8FLiX is a private Canadian company operated by a screenwriter and industry professional with more than 30 years experience. 8FLiX has been online since 2017.

We have thousands of screenplays and TV teleplays free to read and download using any platform. Also, we have a growing database of television transcripts available in six different languages. Also free!

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Did you know you can ask us to locate a specific script or screenplay? You can also ask us to add transcripts from your favorite show. All free, all the time. Discover how to contact 8FLiX.

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8FLiX.com, and/or its affiliates, provide its website features and other services to you subject to some conditions. They're pretty much standard of most sites you already visit, but you may want to read ours. Discover our Conditions of Use.

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Film and TV lovers, welcome to your home away from home! We are an entertainment and resource website for pros, fans, and everyone in between. We have screenplays, teleplays, and transcripts to consume and enjoy. Discover a little more about 8FLiX.

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We literally have over 10,000 movie screenplays and TV scripts; but it takes a long time to post each one online. Shoot us an email, or contact us on our Social Platforms if you're looking for something specific.

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