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About 8FLiX! Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Us

So, what about 8FLiX?

Film and TV lovers, welcome to your home away from home! 8FLiX is an entertainment and resource website for fans, stans and everyone in between. We have screenplays, teleplays, transcripts, photos and video clips to consume and enjoy. And perhaps you'll even some witty commentary.

All free, all the time. Sure, we have ads. But they take less than 10% of our content room. And, there's no clickbait ads. Fact.

We are 8FLiX, 8FLiX FYC, and 8FLiX PiX.

Okay, But What About YOU?

My name is Nick Runyeard. And for now, I am the only dude maintaining 8FLiX.

I am also an IMDb top contributor and German-language beta-tester (hold your applause, please).

On all 8FLiX.com sites, you'll often see references to 'we' and 'us'. That's habitual; something I picked up from a lawyer-type long ago. In reality, 8FLiX is just me.

Nick's Brief Bio

Movies have the power to motivate and affect us in ways that are difficult to describe.

When I was a boy, I saw a movie that changed my life. It was a deeply personal journey that would forever change how I viewed the world. It was simply...magical.

Once I walked out of that theater in 1982, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

But, there was no Hollywood ending for me.

And Then What?

I did spend more than 25 years working in the television industry in virtually every position. My main job, however, was as a DP working on 'lifestyle' shows. But I never made it to the Big Leagues.

After a series of personal setbacks, I had to take a break. A long break.

And that's when I rediscovered my love for writing.

Soon after, 8FLiX was born.

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