2015: Top Unproduced Screenplays | Part 1

Best Unproduced Screenplays of 2015.

Read some of the "2015: Top Unproduced Screenplays"

This year features 81 screenplays. Here are the first 15, indexed alphabetically, from A to B.

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Read and download some of the best "2015: Top Unproduced Screenplays" of the year, according to hundreds of industry professionals who've read and rated them. We have 81 selected scripts, and to help your browsing experience we've spread the content over several pages.

For Your Consideration, here are the first 15 screenplays indexed alphabetically, from A through B, for quick access. Including Andrew Cypiot's "105 and Rising: The Fall of Saigon," Brad Ingelsby's "The Burning Woman," and everything in between.

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Anyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer.

A word about voting... and other important stuff about the "best of" 2015 Unproduced Screenplays.

Some of the scripts listed here may have since been optioned and produced. However, at the time of "voting" they were not.

Also, like all of the screenplays on this site, copyrights remain with the writer(s). 8FLiX does not claim ownership of any screenplay, nor were we involved in voting for, or choosing what makes them the "best of" a particular year.

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    105 and Rising: The Fall of Saigon

    Written by: Andrew Cypiot

    Votes: 7

    Amid the chaos of a failing nation on April 29, 1975, the objective was clear: safely evacuate all remaining Americans from Saigon. But to Major Jim Kean and Ambassador Graham Martin, the moment represented something else: the final opportunity to uphold promises and obligations to the people of South Vietnam.

    All the Money in the World (2017)

    Written by: David Scarpa

    Votes: 17

    The story of the Getty kidnapping crisis encompassing the Red Brigades, the Italian tabloids and the Vatican. IMDb

    An African Western

    Written by: Chloe CastellónRidgeway Wilson

    Votes: 8

    When a young African woman’s village is destroyed by a "Christian" paramilitary unit and her sister is kidnapped, she uses every weapon at her disposal on an odyssey to save her last living relative.


    Written by: Geneva Robertson-Dworet

    Votes: 9

    The survival story of an astronaut whose space capsule crash lands in the African desert and whose mission to space was part of a larger conspiracy.

    Atlantic Wall

    Written by: Zach Dean

    Votes: 8

    A lone American paratrooper stranded behind enemy lines hours before D-Day, is tasked with delivering intelligence critical to the outcome of the war and compelled to fulfill a promise to protect the young son of a murdered ally.

    Bare Knuckle

    Written by: David Matillo

    Votes: 11

    New York City 1862: The bare knuckle boxing champion, Bad Jack, develops a crush on a common French girl and uses his political influence to send her Irish lumberman husband off to the Civil War so he can take her for his own.

    Battle of New Orleans

    Written by: Daniel Kunka

    Votes: 10

    In one of the greatest untold stories in American history, General and future President Andrew Jackson reluctantly partners with world-renowned pirate Jean Lafitte to lead a rag-tag team of soldiers against the indomitable British Army in the climactic battle of the War of 1812.

    Bed Rest (2022)

    Written by: Lori Evans Taylor

    Votes: 8

    An expectant mother who is confined to bed rest starts to experience paranormal events. IMDb


    Written by: Chris Bremner

    Votes: 12

    Set around the Blackfriars massacre of 1978, the true story of a Boston police officer and a con-man-turned-witness, who become unlikely friends hiding out in Bermuda, ultimately perpetrating a con on the Boston DA they’re tasked to serve.


    Written by: Matt King

    Votes: 18

    A slick corporate investigator with a closely guarded secret discovers a sinister criminal conspiracy in North Dakota oil boom country.


    Written by: Mattson Tomlin

    Votes: 17

    A teenage boy is born with special abilities and spends his childhood switching names and cities in order to keep his identity hidden. When he loses control and accidentally kills his father, he and his mother have to go on the run.

    The Boy

    Written by: Owen Egerton

    Votes: 7

    Sixteen years after stabbing a classmate to appease a legendary phantom known as the Boy, a repentant woman returns to her hometown to live with her sister and nephew. But as the Boy continues to haunt her she must face her deepest terror and discover the truth about the Boy before he claims her nephew.


    Written by: Isaac Adamson

    Votes: 44 (1st overall in 2015)

    A baby chimp is adopted by the pop star Michael Jackson. Narrating his own story, Bubbles the Chimp details his life within The King of Pop’s inner circle through the scandals that later rocked Jackson’s life and eventually led to Bubbles’ release.


    Written by: Ori GuendelmanRob McClelland

    Votes: 21 (10th overall in 2015)

    After an accidental hit and run, a young lawyer’s entire life unravels over the span of one night as he attempts to dispose of a corpse that turns out to be way more than an innocent victim.

    The Burning Woman (n.k.a. American Woman) (2018)

    Written by: Brad Ingelsby

    Votes: 13

    A reckless, fun-loving young woman confronts the dark side of life after losing her daughter. IMDb

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