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This year features 72 screenplays. Here are the next 11, indexed alphabetically, from M to P.

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We have the 72 of the best unproduced screenplays from 2013. And, for those with no patience, we've split the batch into smaller groups.

For Your Consideration, the next 11 scripts cataloged and indexed alphabetically, from M through P, for quick access. Including Zach Frankel's "Make a Wish," Kate Trefry's "Pure O," and everything in between.

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Anyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer.

A word about voting... and other important stuff about the "best of" 2013 Unproduced Screenplays.

Some of the scripts listed here may have since been optioned and produced. However, at the time of "voting" they were not.

Also, like all of the screenplays on this site, copyrights remain with the writer(s). 8FLiX does not claim ownership of any screenplay, nor were we involved in voting for, or choosing what makes them the "best of" a particular year.

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Screenplays on this page:
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    Make a Wish

    Written by: Zach Frankel

    Votes: 7

    A 14-year-old boy with terminal cancer has one last wish - to lose his virginity - and convinces his reluctant football star Make-A-Wish partner to help him score.

    Man of Sorrow

    Written by: Neville Kiser

    Votes: 7

    Based on true events, the story centers on Oscar Wilde who goes from renowned playwright to losing everything personally & professionally.

    The Mayor of Shark City

    Written by: Nick CreatureMichael Sweeney

    Votes: 13

    When a difficult film shoot spirals hopelessly out of control into a living nightmare, an ambitious young director must face his greatest fears to turn a troubled production into the biggest movie of all time. Set on Martha’s Vineyard during the summer of 1974, this is the untold story of the making of JAWS.

    Mississippi Mud

    Written by: Elijah Bynum

    Votes: 6

    In the middle of major financial problems, a down on his luck southerner’s life begins to unravel when he accidentally runs over and kills a runaway girl.

    A Monster Calls (2016)

    Written by: Patrick Ness

    Votes: 27 (4th overall in 2013)

    An adolescent boy with a terminally ill single mother begins having visions of a tree monster, who tells him truths about life in the form of three stories, helping him to eventually cope with his emotions over his dying mom. IMDb


    Written by: Leo Sardarian

    Votes: 7

    With the Roman empire on the brink of collapse, a 4th century bishop takes up arms to lead the armies of Constantine the Great into battle against the ruthless emperor, changing the face of Rome and begetting one of the greatest legends in history.

    Pan (2015)

    Written by: Jason Fuchs

    Votes: 6

    A prequel to JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. When an orphan is taken to the magical world of Neverland, he becomes a hero to the natives and leads a revolt against the evil pirates. IMDb

    Patient Zero (2018)

    Written by: Mike Nguyen Le (as Mike Le)

    Votes: 6

    In a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, a man who speaks their language questions the undead in order to find a cure for his infected wife. IMDb

    The Politician

    Written by: Matthew BassTheodore Bressman

    Votes: 8

    A disgraced Governor and his underachieving accomplice go on the run from the FBI, US Marshals and a gang of hardened drug dealers.

    Pox Americana

    Written by: Frank John Hughes

    Votes: 20 (9th overall in 2013)

    In the Old West, a group of soldiers go on a mission to slaughter a peaceful tribe in retaliation for another tribe’s attack on a white settlement, only to suffer at the hands of a devastating disease.

    Pure O

    Written by: Kate Trefry

    Votes: 7

    In order to overcome violent visions brought on by OCD, a promising young writer is urged by family and friends to step outside her comfort zone to experience the excitement and vulnerability of truly living.

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