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Oh, we should definitely mention Mark Rylance's performance as Rudolf Abel. He won an Oscar for it... a well deserved acclamation for this talented actor.

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Take a look at the "Bridge of Spies" logline.

BRIDGE OF SPIES is based on the true-life Cold War entanglements of espionage between the Soviet Union and the United States of America, with an upstanding lawyer and family man, James B. Donovan caught between the two superpowers. Donovan was pivotal in negotiating the release of Air Force pilot Francis Gary Powers, whose U-2 spy plane was sighted and shot down while flying a stealth reconnaissance mission over Soviet territory. At the same time, Rudolf Abel, a KGB spy embedded in America, was convicted and imprisoned for espionage against the U.S. government. Donovan travels to a divided Berlin in efforts to broker an exchange of spies with the Soviets: Abel for Powers. Amblin

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Okay, here are the facts:

Bridge of Spies small poster with Tom Hanks
Type ...
Version ... FinalShooting Script
Date ... 12.17.2014
Pages ... 109
Genres ... DramaHistoryThriller
Screenplay ... Matt CharmanEthan CoenJoel Coen
IMDb ID ... 3682448

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