Slashers & Serial Killers

Slashers Serial Killers

Screenplays Featuring: ‘Slashers & Serial Killers’

One of many ‘Horror’ subgenres.

Neither a ‘mood’ nor a ‘tone,’ these scripts have a specific style of filmmaking that relates to a ‘Primary Genre’ and subgenre.

Scripts under the ‘Slashers & Serial Killers’ subgenre include stories involving a killer stalking and murdering a group of people, usually by use of bladed or sharp tools. So, it goes without saying (but I will anyway), Saw (2004), Hostel (2005), and Halloween (1978) are examples of this subgenre.

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This collection of ‘Slasher & Serial Killer’ scripts include real screenplays, real teleplays, and detailed tv transcripts.

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