The Black List: 2021 Screenplays • Part 6

The Black List 2021 screenplays part 6.

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The 17th edition of "The Black List" features 73 unproduced screenplays. Here are the next 11, indexed alphabetically, from P to U.

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Four Your Consideration, we have the next 11 scripts listed and indexed alphabetically for quick access. Including Shanrah Wakefield's "Rabbit Season", Sam West's "The Unbound", and everything in between.

If you're a young writer looking for study guides, you've found the right place. These "Black List: 2021" scripts were chosen by more than 375 film-industry executives.

What is "The Black List" you ask? To find out how it all works, scroll down a little bit.

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Discover more about the "Black List: 2021" scripts

Unsure about exactly what is the "Black List"? Read on.

Consider the name ironic. This isn't a list of scripts written by those who are unwelcome in the industry. Rather, "The Black List" is a compilation of "most liked" unproduced screenplays from a certain year. Screenwriters, young and old, repped or voiceless, submit their works for consideration.

Annually, since 2005, film industry executives read hundreds of screenplays and choose which ones are their favorite. Referred to as a "mention", favored scripts with the most mentions are featured on, in this regard, the "Black List: 2021".

Some screenplays get optioned by studios and become movies. Past picks include: "50/50", and "Easy A."


Rabbit Season

Written by: Shanrah Wakefield

Mentions: 13

Supernatural horror about a woman stalked through a dark city park by the most monstrous manifestation of manhood during her walk home from her high school reunion.


Written by: Lindsay Michel

Mentions: 10

Still reeling in the wake of her husband’s death, master thief Viola Crier signs on to a risky, last-minute job set to take place inside a man-made time loop, but as the number of loops increases, the job begins to spiral out of control.

See How They Run

Written by: Lily Hollander

Mentions: 30 (2nd overall in 2021)

A blind mother moves into a remote farmhouse with her young daughter, but the mystery of the home’s previous inhabitants intrudes upon her attempts to repair their relationship.


Written by: Jessica Welsh

Mentions: 10

Eilleen Edwards rises from an impoverished upbringing in rural Canada to transform into 90’s global country-pop superstar Shania Twain, only to face her greatest challenge yet: putting her life and career back together after losing her voice.

Skeleton Tree (2023)

Written by: Paul Barry

Mentions: 10

When an accident sinks their boat, two teenaged boys must learn how to survive the wilds of the remote Alaskan coastline, endure one another, and to come to terms with a long-held life-altering secret.

Sleep Solution

Written by: Ted Caplan | Jenni Hendricks

Mentions: 7

Two former thieves are having a hard enough time with their fussy newborn baby when a mishap draws them back into their old lives, forcing them to recover a priceless jade bangle, escape their boss’s murderous son and, toughest of all, get their baby to sleep through the night.

St. Mary's Catholic School presents the Vagina Monologues

Written by: Hannah Hafey | Kaitlin Smith

Mentions: 8

Frustrated by the conservative curriculum at her high school, a rebellious teen girl decides to stage the school’s first ever production of The Vagina Monologues. Which is going to be a challenge, as no one else at St. Mary’s can even bear to say the word 'vagina' out loud. Based on Flynn Meaney’s Bad Habits.

Symphony of Survival

Written by: Daniel Persitz

Mentions: 12

The incredible true story of Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich writing an epic symphony during the deadly World War II siege of Leningrad — a work of art so powerful it would save him and his family, all while helping to unite his people with the Allies.

Thicker Than Ice

Written by: Tara Tomicevic

Mentions: 7

Inspired by the true story of Hannah and Marissa Brandt, adoptive sisters and hockey players who put their relationship to the test as they vie for Olympic glory... on different teams: top-ranked Team USA and Korea’s first ever unified team.


Written by: Colin Bannon

Mentions: 19 (6th overall in 2021)

When an ultramarathoner learns he is one of ten contestants chosen to take part in a secret race known as "the hardest race on earth," he is forced to confront his past when he realizes there are deadly consequences for breaking the rules.

The Unbound

Written by: Sam West

Mentions: 7

Disillusioned with life in the wake of a personal tragedy, Rachel goes on a mountain retreat with her friends in search of an escape, only to find themselves stumbling into the depths of horror and madness.

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