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Altered Carbon (2018)

Takeshi Kovacs is a man out of time. A 22nd century mercenary and rebel, he’s returned to life 300 years in the future and forced to find a killer. Piecing together the clues that have put a shadow of a doubt on the way the victim died, Kovacs’ first stop: interview the victim himself.

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Altered Carbon (2018)

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Altered Carbon stars Joel Kinnaman; James Purefoy; Martha Higareda; Chris Conner; Dichen Lachman; Ato Essandoh; Kristin Lehman; Trieu Tran; Renée Elise Goldsberry; Hiro Kanagawa; Waleed Zuaiter; Adam Busch; Marlene Forte; Hayley Law; Teach Grant; Zahf Paroo; Will Yun Lee, and more!