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Dialogue Transcripts

Season 5

01.20.2021 -

22 EpisodesThe CW

Betty and Jughead's investigation into the auteur leads them to a secret underground for red-band screenings.

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    "Chapter Seventy-Seven: Climax"

    Betty and Jughead's investigation into the auteur leads them to a secret underground for red-band screenings. To impress the Naval Academy Commandant, Archie participates in a boxing exhibition against another candidate - KO Kelly.

    PREMIERE ... January 20, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 43 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Pamela Romanowsky
    WRITERS ... Ace Hasan | Greg Murray

    "Chapter Seventy-Eight: The Preppy Murders"

    Betty and Jughead's investigation into the auteur takes a twisted turn after receiving a call from Bret. Archie is forced to make an impossible decision when the person responsible for his father's death needs his help.

    PREMIERE ... January 27, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 43 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Gabriel Correa
    WRITERS ... Janine Salinas Schoenberg | Devon Turner

    "Chapter Seventy-Nine: Graduation"

    Riverdale | Dialogue Transcript | S5:E3 - "Chapter Seventy-Nine: Graduation"

    A pivotal chapter comes to a close as the gang prepares for graduation. Meanwhile, Archie explores his options and FP shares some surprising news.

    PREMIERE ... February 3, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 43 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Gabriel Correa
    WRITER ... Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

    "Chapter Eighty: Purgatorio"

    Riverdale | Dialogue Transcript | S5:E4 - "Chapter Eighty: Purgatorio"

    After years away, Archie returns to Riverdale and faces what has become of his humble hometown. Betty, Veronica, Jughead and others navigate adulthood.

    PREMIERE ... February 10, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 43 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Steven A. Adelson
    WRITER ... Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

    "Chapter Eighty-One: The Homecoming"

    Riverdale | Dialogue Transcript | S5:E5 - "Chapter Eighty-One: The Homecoming"

    As the gang continues to reconcile the past and the present, Riverdale High faces an uncertain future. Meanwhile, tension mounts between Toni and Hiram.

    PREMIERE ... February 17, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 42 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Steven A. Adelson
    WRITER ... Michael Grassi

    "Chapter Eighty-Two: Back to School"

    Riverdale | Dialogue Transcript | S5:E6 - "Chapter Eighty-Two: Back to School"

    Jughead, Veronica, Betty and Archie return to their alma mater — and engage in new extracurriculars. The search for Polly takes an unnerving turn.

    PREMIERE ... February 24, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 42 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Gabriel Correa
    WRITER ... Ariana Jackson

    "Chapter Eighty-Three: Fire in the Sky"

    Riverdale | Dialogue Transcript | S5:E7 - "Chapter Eighty-Three: Fire in the Sky"

    An alarming incident inspires Archie's next mission. Cheryl revisits her old stomping grounds. Jughead and Tabitha investigate a bizarre mystery.

    PREMIERE ... March 10, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 43 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Gabriel Correa
    WRITER ... Ted Sullivan

    "Chapter Eighty-Four: Lock & Key"

    Riverdale | Dialogue Transcript | S5:E8 - "Chapter Eighty-Four: Lock & Key"

    Lingering feelings surface as Cheryl hosts a steamy party. Kevin and Fangs share major news. Jughead struggles to make sense of a mysterious encounter.

    PREMIERE ... March 17, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 43 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Rachel Talalay
    WRITER ... Arabella Anderson

    "Chapter Eighty-Five: Destroyer"

    Riverdale | Dialogue Transcript | S5:E9 - "Chapter Eighty-Five: Destroyer"

    As Betty grapples with a grim revelation, Jughead grows concerned over a student. Veronica and Archie work to revamp the Riverdale football team.

    PREMIERE ... March 24, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 43 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Rob Seidenglanz
    WRITER ... Ace Hasan

    "Chapter Eighty-Six: The Pincushion Man"

    Riverdale | Dialogue Transcript | S5:E10 - "Chapter Eighty-Six: The Pincushion Man"

    An explosive event triggers chaos across Riverdale. Archie receives a military order. Veronica visits Chad. Jughead pursues a unique high.

    PREMIERE ... March 31, 2021
    RUN TIME ... 43 minutes
    DIRECTOR ... Gabriel Correa
    WRITER ... Chrissy Maroon

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