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A Chicago-based financial advisor secretly relocates his family to the Missouri Ozarks when his dealings with a drug cartel go awry.

CURRENT STATUS: streaming on Netflix
EPISODES: 20 @ 55 min. - 80 min.
Drama | Crime | Thriller
FIRST AIR DATE: 21 Jul. 2017 (S1) | 31 Aug. 2018 (S2)
BINGE-WORTHY: 4 to 7-day binge ✅ (approx. 1,200 total binge minutes)
NOTE-WORTHY: Graphic violence, nudity, & mature situations

Ozark Season 1 trailer

season 1 trailer

Ozark Season 2 trailer

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Ozark Season 1 recap

season 1 recap

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Pay it back, or dissolve in a barrel of acid. Check out this clip from episode 1, "Sugarwood."

Ozark Season 1 teaser

season 1 teaser

Welcome to the last resort.

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Ozark stars Jason Bateman; Laura Linney; Sofia Hublitz; Skylar Gaertner; Julia Garner; Jason Butler Harner; Sai Morales; Michael Mosley; Peter Mullan; Lisa Emery; Trevor Long; Kevin L. Johnson; McKinley Belcher III; Robert C. Treveiler; Charlie Tahan; Evan George Vourazeris; Harris Yulin; Marc Menchaca; Christopher James Baker; Janet McTeer; Carson Holmes; Nelson Bonilla, and more!