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The 13th edition of the "Black List" features 76 unproduced screenplays. Here are the first 39, indexed alphabetically, from A to M.

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Consider the name ironic. This isn't a list of scripts written by those who are unwelcome in the industry. Rather, the "Black List" is a compilation of "most liked" unproduced screenplays from a particular year. Screenwriters, young and old, repped or voiceless, submit their works for consideration.

Annually, since 2005, film industry executives read hundreds of screenplays and choose which ones are their favorite. Referred to as a "mention", favored scripts with the most mentions are featured on, in this regard, the "Black List: 2017".

Some screenplays get optioned by studios and become movies. Past picks include: "Kate", "King Richard" and "The King's Speech."

Black List: 2017 Index | Alphabetically From: A - M

    All My Life (2020)

    Written by: Todd Rosenberg

    Mentions: 6

    After discovering the groom has liver cancer, a couple move their wedding date up and get married before he passes away.

    American Tabloid

    Written by: Adam Morrison

    Mentions: 6

    The true story of Generoso Pope, Jr., who with the help of the New York mob turned a small, local paper into the phenomenon that is The National Enquirer, laying the foundation for tabloid journalism as we know it today.

    Arc of Justice

    Written by: Max Borenstein | Rodney Barnes

    Mentions: 10

    Based on the book Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age written by Kevin Boyle. Chronicles the landmark civil rights trial of Dr. Ossian Sweet after he was charged with the murder of a white man.


    Written by: Shay Hatten

    Mentions: 9

    After her family is murdered, an assassin seeks revenge on the killers.

    Bios (Finch) (2021)

    Written by: Craig Luck | Ivor Powell

    Mentions: 6

    In a post-apocalyptic world, a man spends his dying days with the robot he created to look after his dog.

    Breaking News in Yuba County (2021)

    Written by: Amanda Idoko

    Mentions: 19 (7th overall in 2017)

    After catching her husband in bed with a hooker, which causes him to die of a heart attack, Sue Bottom buries the body and takes advantage of the local celebrity status that comes from having a missing husband.


    Written by: Mattson Tomlin

    Mentions: 11

    Inspired by the work of artist John Brosio. When a man begins to lose all of the people close to him in a series of increasingly absurd natural disasters, he must find out why his world has been turned upside down.

    Call Jane (2022)

    Written by: Hayley Schore | Roshan Sethi

    Mentions: 7

    Before Roe v. Wade in 1960s Chicago, a pregnant woman becomes a member of an underground group which provides abortions in a safe environment.

    Cancer Inc (f.k.a. Conundrum)

    Written by: Marc Macaluso

    Mentions: 6

    Before Roe v. Wade in 1960s Chicago, a pregnant woman becomes a member of an underground group which provides abortions in a safe environment.

    Come As You Are

    Written by: Zach Baylin

    Mentions: 13

    An idealistic young woman’s life begins to unravel when her job in social media exposes her to the darkest corners of humanity, sending her on a violent mission to take down not just the web’s most vicious content, but its creators as well.

    Daddio (2024)

    Written by: Christy Hall

    Mentions: 40 (3rd overall in 2017)

    A passenger and her cab driver reminisce about their relationships on the way from the airport to her apartment in New York.

    Don't Be Evil

    Written by: Gabriel Diani | Etta Devine | Evan Bates

    Mentions: 10

    Adapted from In the Plex by Steven Levy and I’m Feeling Lucky by Douglas Edwards. Google’s Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt struggle with their corporate motto, "Don’t Be Evil," in the face of their meteoric rise to a multi-billion dollar valuation and a major Chinese hacking incident.

    Dorothy & Alice (2024)

    Written by: Justin Merz

    Mentions: 7

    Dorothy Gale and Alice meet in a home for those having nightmares and embark on a journey to save the imaginations of the world.


    Written by: JD Payne | Patrick McKay

    Mentions: 9

    When a wrongly accused man is shipped to an Australian penal colony for five years, he quickly realizes his only chance of seeing his family again is to escape the prison with a gang of colors and survive the deadly terrain that awaits on the outside.

    Escape from the North Pole

    Written by: Paul Laudiero | Ben Baker

    Mentions: 10

    A young girl partners up with an elf, a Russian explorer and a reindeer to rescue Santa Claus from a band of evil elves and save the North Pole.


    Written by: Brent Hyman

    Mentions: 10

    An inept CIA psychologist is embedded on a globe-trotting mission with the agency’s most valuable operative who suffers from an extreme case of multiple personality disorder.


    Written by: Ross Evans

    Mentions: 9

    In 1951, a manufacturing company stirs up curiosity when they publish a user’s manual to a time machine called Gadabout TM-1050.


    Written by: Jeremy Michael Cohen

    Mentions: 8

    The true story of the Reys, the husband and wife team who fell in love, created Curious George, and escaped the horrors of WWII in Europe together.

    Green Rush

    Written by: Matt Tente

    Mentions: 6

    A paroled ex-con agrees to help his daughter steal medical marijuana tax dollars from City Hall.

    Greenland (2020)

    Written by: Chris Sparling

    Mentions: 7

    A disgraced father is determined to get his family to what, in four days, will be the only safe place on earth.


    Written by: Mike Schneider

    Mentions: 8

    Based on actual reports, a horrifying look inside the Democratic National Committee hack and the Russian manipulation of the 2016 election.

    Health and Wellness

    Written by: Joe Epstein

    Mentions: 6

    A sociopath obsessed with self-improvement claws her way to the top of the fitness world, leaving a trail of broken bodies in her wake.

    Heart of the Beast

    Written by: Cameron Alexander

    Mentions: 9

    A former Navy SEAL and his retired combat dog attempt to return to civilization after a catastrophic accident deep in the Alaskan wilderness.


    Written by: Andrew Rothschild

    Mentions: 13

    The story of writer/director John Hughes, whose emotionally honest high school movies helped to define American culture in the 1980s–but who, at the very height of his success, abruptly abandoned filmmaking for reasons that have never been fully explained.

    Infinite (2021)

    Written by: Ian Shorr

    Mentions: 10

    Based on the The Reincarnationist Papers written by D. Eric Maikranz. The hallucinations of a schizophrenic are revealed to be memories from past lives where he obtained talents that he still has to this day.

    Innocent Monsters

    Written by: Elaina Perpelitt

    Mentions: 9

    A writer struggling to crack her second novel starts to lose her sense of reality as the book bleeds into her life...and her life bleeds back.

    Jellyfish Summer

    Written by: Sarah Jane Inwards

    Mentions: 12 (20th overall in 2017)

    A young black girl’s family in 1960s Mississippi decides to harbor two human-looking refugees who have mysteriously fallen from the sky.


    Written by: Molly Prather

    Mentions: 7

    In an effort to fund their start-up, two women catfish ISIS and get more than they bargained for when the CIA recruits them as spies.

    Kate (2021)

    Written by: Umair Aleem

    Mentions: 10

    When a veteran hitwoman is mysteriously poisoned on her last assignment in Tokyo, she has 24 hours to track down her killer before she dies.

    Keeper of the Diary

    Written by: Samuel Franco | Evan Kilgore

    Mentions: 32 (4th overall in 2017)

    Chronicles Otto Frank’s journey, with the help of a junior editor at Doubleday Press, to find a publisher for the diary his daughter Anne wrote during the Holocaust.

    Key of Genius

    Written by: Daniel Persitz | Devon Kliger

    Mentions: 10

    The story of Derek Paravicini, a blind, severely autistic boy who needed an incredible teacher to help realize his world-class musical ability.

    Kill Shelter

    Written by: Eric Beu | Greg Martin

    Mentions: 10

    A darkly comic crime thriller concerning three groups of people dealing with blackmail gone wrong.

    Let Her Speak

    Written by: Mario Correa

    Mentions: 42 (2nd overall in 2017)

    The story of Senator Wendy Davis and her 24-hour filibuster to save 75% of abortion clinics in Texas.


    Written by: Darby Kealey

    Mentions: 9

    The story of Nancy Wake, the most decorated servicewoman in World War II, who led resistance fighters in a series of dangerous missions in Nazi-occupied France.


    Written by: Will Beall

    Mentions: 8

    A rogue cop suffers a gunshot wound in 1987 and wakes from a coma thirty years later, where he is partnered with a mild-mannered progressive detective–his son.

    Little Boy

    Written by: Hayley Schore | Roshan Sethi

    Mentions: 6

    The true story of the man who dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on Hiroshima and his unexpected journey back to ground zero.

    Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know

    Written by: Jade Bartlett

    Mentions: 12

    Based on the book trilogy Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know by Chloe J. Esposito. An underdog identical twin accidentally kills her too-perfect sister only to discover murder suits her as she becomes compulsively embroiled in the life of a mafia assassin.


    Written by: Logan Martin

    Mentions: 7

    A misanthropic man notices bizarre changes in himself, his wife, and the animals inhabiting the territory around their homestead as they attempt to survive self-imposed isolation.


    Written by: Heather Quinn

    Mentions: 10

    To combat crime in near-future Los Angeles, the FBI creates supercops based on specific genetic sequences. To their shock, their best candidate is a vulgar stripper named Moxie.

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