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If you're looking for great screenplays that you've never heard of, then you're in the right place!

First, let's get acquainted with the List.

Here's What THE BLACK LIST is All About visitors are nearly evenly split between screenwriters and fans (or STANS as we call them) of great TV and movies. So, for some, The Blacklist could mean the TV series starring James Spader. Or it could also mean the so-called Hollywood blacklist that existed throughout the 1940s and 50s.

What we're talking about here is more of an ironic List.

To an emerging writer, "The Black List" is a invaluable resource. If you're a writer, you want to be on this black list.

Since 2005, each December, the Black List releases its annual list, a survey of the most liked unproduced screenplays of that year. The annual lists are aggregated using votes from film executives working in the film

To learn more about what the List can do for you as a writer, be sure to visit their website:


8FLiX keeps an archive of thousands of screenplays that make the annual "Black List." Keep in mind, though, we're still building the archives. So there may be some years missing. But, over the next month-or-so, we'll have nearly 99% of all "Black List" screenplays available to read and download, free, whenever you want.

Some of the movies may sound familiar to you. That may be because, over the years, several dozen "Black List" screenplays were optioned and produced. The "Kings Speech," "Argo," and "King Richard" are just a few of "the chosen ones."


We should also note that 8FLiX is not affiliated with any studio or "The Black List." So, from time to time we will remove screenplays from the archive when we're asked to do so.

That being said, if you're a writer, studio, or rep and want us to remove a script then please contact us: HERE. You can also contact Nick Runyeard directly through IMDb Pro Contacts for a more immediate response.


In the interest of browsing speed, we've divided each year's list into two-parts. Scripts are indexed alphabetically. You'll see a little more than 30 scripts per section.

Thanks for visiting 8FLiX, and thank you for supporting the independent writing community!

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