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Ozark – ‘Pilot (Sugarwood)’ (2014) • Teleplay

Download and read the "Ozark - 'Pilot (Sugarwood)'" script & teleplay

Before we start, remember that all of the scripts and teleplays on 8FLiX come in PDF format.

We don't stream, we STAN. And today, we STAN the official "Ozark - 'Pilot (Sugarwood)'" script and teleplay. Read it now, or download it for later. This isn't a transcript, this is the script-proper version. In other words, a teleplay; a professionally written and formatted script.

Discover more about the "Ozark - 'Pilot (Sugarwood)'" script & teleplay

There's more to a script than just words.

Like, the writer, for example! "Ozark - 'Pilot (Sugarwood)'" script & teleplay is written by Bill Dubuque (pictured below). We have one of the earliest drafts (from 09.08.2014) available to download. Free, of course, from 8FLiX.

Bill Dubuque is a producer and writer known for The Accountant (2016), Ozark (2017-2021), A Family Man (2016), The Judge (2014).

What's "Ozark - 'Pilot (Sugarwood)'" about?

Have a look at the season 1, episode 1 synopsis from Netflix, and a quote from the teleplay.

After his business partner cheats a dangerous client, financial adviser Marty must devise a radical plan to save the lives of himself and his family.

Hypothetically... scale of one to ten, how difficult would it be for a person to disappear?

pg. 51

Get the "Ozark - 'Pilot (Sugarwood)'" script & teleplay right here

Learn more about the "Ozark - 'Pilot (Sugarwood)'" script and teleplay.

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