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Welcome to 8FLiX's TV Series and Movie Standoms. You've come to the right place if you stan these shows. And I'll tell you why.

Photos. Transcripts. Screenplays. Videos.

You'll find great swag from some of our all-time favourite shows and movies. Thousands of downloadable, high-quality photos that you can also share and comment on. And, we have series scripts and transcripts to read and, if you want, memorize and geek-out.

Iconic ships. Memorable moments. Tear-jerking goodbyes.

Series like "Stranger Things", "The End of the F***ing World", "Lost in Space" and the "The Umbrella Academy". These 8FLiX Standoms are the most visited and most popular. We have so much content to love. Relive the best, and worst moments from these great shows.

Looking for something specific?

We've only just started! If you are looking for a specific show or series, let me know. Send me an email (address can be found at the top of this page).

I'd like to hear your ideas and suggestions for content. It's just me; I'm one dude. But I love what I do and I will work hard to find what you're looking for.

Standoms & Fandoms

Our most popular Standoms and Fandoms

These are the most visited Standoms we have here. And, my personal favourites as well.

  • Thousands of photos you can look through, download, and event comment on.
  • Transcripts from every episode, every season.
  • Exclusive video clips.

Full Transcripts & Screenplays

Still building, and adding more each day.

The screenplays database is growing each day. And the trancripts as well.

  • Screenplays include current and past award contenders.
  • Transcripts from every episode, every season.
  • Free to download.

There's more awesome inside.

We have more fandoms, transcripts and pictures to stan. Take a deeper look inside.