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The Fosters (2013 - 2018)
season 3

Have a look at the unofficial scripts from the Freeform series, The Fosters, season 3 (2015 - 2016). You can read them on a separate page by clicking on the button. Or, you can download them in "pdf" format by clicking the button.


In Season 3, Callie befriends a runaway, Lena and Stef cope with relationship difficulties, and Stef investigates the hit-and-run car accident.

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The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 1

The Fosters script:
episode 3.01, "Wreckage"

In the third-season opener, the family deal with the repercussions of a bad car accident, and Stef searches for the driver of the other vehicle involved. Meanwhile, Callie continues her volunteer work; and Brandon enters a competitive music program.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 2

The Fosters script:
episode 3.02, "Father's Day"

Stef and Lena host a Father's Day brunch for Mike, and Jude invites Donald to the event. Meanwhile, Callie joins the Quinns for Father's Day and learns something unexpected; and Brandon lets go of some of his frustration.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 3

The Fosters script:
episode 3.03, "Déjà Vu"

AJ receives support from Callie's family, but Callie's not sure he's trustworthy. Meanwhile, Stef gives Lena some unexpected news about Monte; and Jude struggles to get past the shooting incident.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 4

The Fosters script:
episode 3.04, "More Than Words"

Lena's estranged half brother visits, and she wants him to apologize to her mom for something he said many years ago. Meanwhile, Cole extends an invitation to a LGBTQ prom to Callie, Jude and Connor.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 5

The Fosters script:
episode 3.05, "Going South"

Callie and Brandon go on an unplanned trip to Mexico. Meanwhile, an empty pregnancy-test box is found in the house, and Stef and Lena wonder if someone may be pregnant.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 6

The Fosters script:
episode 3.06, "It's My Party""

Jude throws Callie a party for her 17th birthday, and it's a much bigger bash than she expected, complete with some surprising guests. Meanwhile, Brandon's suspicions about AJ reach a breaking point; and Mariana and Callie secretly buy a car.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 7

The Fosters script:
episode 3.07, "Faith, Hope, Love"

Mariana wants to be baptized so that she can be a godmother to her half sister, Isabella, but Stef and Lena are reluctant to give her permission. Meanwhile, Callie must deal with the repercussions of her behavior at her birthday party.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 8

The Fosters script:
episode 3.08, "Daughters"

Callie views Rita differently after meeting Rita's daughter, who has an uneasy bond with her mom. Elsewhere, Stef uncovers a new lead in the hit-and-run accident; and Brandon talks to his mothers about the tension he's sensing in their home.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 9

The Fosters script:
episode 3.09, "Idyllwild"

The family visit Brandon to attend his music competition, and secrets surface during the trip. Meanwhile, Callie questions Carmen and Brooke's motives; and Mike observes something that may bolster Stef's theory about the hit-and-run accident.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 10

The Fosters script:
episode 3.10, "Lucky"

Stef and Lena host an anniversary party for Lena's folks as tension mounts in their own marriage. Meanwhile, Callie must go to court to face the repercussions of her actions; and Mariana is determined to mend her relationship with Mat.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 11

The Fosters script:
episode 3.11, "First Impressions"

Callie's website draws the interest of an investor; Brandon is approached by a recruiter from Juilliard; Mariana launches her campaign for class president; and Mike discovers AJ is hiding a secret. Meanwhile, Sharon introduces a liberal-minded friend to her family.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 12

The Fosters script:
episode 3.12, "Mixed Messages"

Brandon is upset when he learns that someone knows his secret with Callie. Meanwhile, Sharon disagrees with how Stef should handle her diagnosis; and the tension between Mariana and Lexi escalates as their campaigns for junior class president continue.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 13

The Fosters script:
episode 3.13, "If and When""

Jude spends time with Jack, a quirky foster teen he met at Callie's foster-youth event. Meanwhile, Brandon and Mat write a rock musical based on "Romeo and Juliet" for their senior project; and Jesus asks Ana about his and Mariana's biological father.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 14

The Fosters script:
episode 3.14, "Under Water"

Callie and Jude discover Jack's being abused in his group home and turn to a foster-care advocate for help. Meanwhile, Jesus tries to get to know Gabe at work; and Mariana is surprised when Nick asks her out.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 15

The Fosters script:
episode 3.15, "Minor Offenses"

Stef and Lena grow concerned about Callie filming an endorsement in support of a foster-care reform bill, leading Callie to seek advice from Rita. Meanwhile, Nick asks Jesus to help him impress Mariana on their first date; and Stef recovers from surgery.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 16

The Fosters script:
episode 3.16, "EQ"

Brandon's "Romeo and Juliet" production is jeopardized after another student raises concerns over the play's glorification of suicide. Meanwhile, Rita's daughter reaches out to Callie after Rita refuses to take her calls; and Stef teaches a class at a youth-outreach program.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 17

The Fosters script:
episode 3.17, "Sixteen"

Mariana and Jesus disagree about how to celebrate their sixteenth birthdays. Meanwhile, Jude's excited to visit with Connor for the weekend; and Callie and Brandon agree not to bring their new significant others home.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 18

The Fosters script:
episode 3.18, "Rehearsal"

Mariana worries Nick will break up with her after Zoe reveals that she cheated on Mat when they dated. Meanwhile, Callie serves as a character witness for a friend trying to regain custody of her daughter; and the twins try to help their birth father.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 19

The Fosters script:
episode 3.19, "The Show"

Opening night of Brandon's "Romeo and Juliet" musical forces Mariana and Mat to confront their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, the play hits home for the family in light of recent events; and a domestic-violence call leads Stef to a tragic discovery.

The Fosters episode script season 3 episode 20

The Fosters script:
episode 3.20, "Kingdom Come"

In the Season 3 finale, a tragic loss leads Callie to make a shocking discovery, putting her in a moral dilemma; and a gift from Nick causes Mariana to feel more guilty about her and Mat. Meanwhile, Brandon reveals to his moms that Cortney has a child.


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The Fosters stars Teri Polo; Sherri Saum; Hayden Byerly; David Lambert; Maia Mitchell; Cierra Ramirez; Danny Nucci; Amanda Leighton; Noah Centineo; Jake T. Austin; Jordan Rodrigues; Alexandra Barreto; Tom Williamson; Annika Marks; Daffany McGaray Clark; Alex Saxon; Gavin MacIntosh; Elliot Fletcher, and more!