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The Fosters (2013 - 2018)
season 2

Have a look at the unofficial scripts from the Freeform series, The Fosters, season 2 (2014 - 2015). You can read them on a separate page by clicking on the button. Or, you can download them in "pdf" format by clicking the button.


In Season 2, Callie deals with the repercussions of meeting her biological father, Stef and Lena prepare for a baby, and Brandon's secrets surface.

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The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 1

The Fosters script:
episode 2.01, "Things Unknown"

In the second-season opener, Callie's future is uncertain again in the wake of the revelation about her dad. Meanwhile, Brandon feels guilty about sleeping with Dani; Stef questions Mike's role in Ana's disappearance; and Mariana makes a drastic change.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 2

The Fosters script:
episode 2.02, "Take Me Out"

Brandon considers having hand surgery, and Stef's opinion on the matter conflicts with Lena's. Meanwhile, Stef questions Mike about Ana's disappearance; a stranger takes an interest in Callie; and Connor's dad jeopardizes Jude and Connor's friendship.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 3

The Fosters script:
episode 2.03, "Play"

Stef and Lena go on vacation before the baby is born, but Stef struggles to unwind. Meanwhile, the kids decide to throw a party, which quickly gets out of control, despite Callie's best efforts to act responsibly; and Jude plays spin the bottle.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 4

The Fosters script:
episode 2.04, "Say Something"

Callie sets out to remove the barriers to her adoption. Meanwhile, Lena applies for a promotion at work; Mariana is displeased when she learns why she made the dance team; and Callie's not sure if she's ready for her relationship with Wyatt to progress.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 5

The Fosters script:
episode 2.05, "Truth Be Told"

Brandon's band go on a hike as they seek inspiration. Meanwhile, Callie worries about Jude and how her actions have affected him; Stef debates about whether to proceed with her investigation regarding Ana; and Emma reconsiders her breakup with Jesus.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 6

The Fosters script:
episode 2.06, "Mother"

A medical issue concerning Lena's pregnancy arises. Meanwhile, Wyatt turns to Brandon for advice; Mike tells Stef why he was at the halfway house on the night Ana vanished; and Mariana remains angry at Jesus for putting her in an awkward position.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 7

The Fosters script:
episode 2.07, "The Longest Day"

Brandon reveals his secret about sleeping with Dani to Stef and Mike. Elsewhere, Callie brings Jude along as she visits the Quinns' yacht; Jesus struggles with relationship issues; and Mariana's lack of confidence jeopardizes her dance-team performance.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 8

The Fosters script:
episode 2.08, "Girls Reunited"

Callie does volunteer work at Girls United, where she learns that neighbors want the girls removed, and one resident harbors a dangerous secret. Elsewhere, Mariana and Hayley prepare a romantic meal for their dates; and Ana sends Stef a troubling letter.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 9

The Fosters script:
episode 2.09, "Leaky Faucets"

A Mexican street festival is held, but it's not all fun and games for the Foster kids when Mat's surprise offends Mariana; Callie has a confrontation that triggers a relapse of her panic attacks. Elsewhere, Mike and Ana try to correct past mistakes.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 10

The Fosters script:
episode 2.10, "Someone's Little Sister"

Rita and Girls United face a dire challenge, so Callie turns to Robert for help. Meanwhile, Connor deals with mounting pressure to dissolve his friendship with Jude; tension builds between Brandon and Lou; and Jesus gets a new perspective on Hayley.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 11

The Fosters script:
episode 2.11, "Christmas Past"

Christmas is celebrated by the Fosters, and Stef feels that Sharon is being overgenerous. Meanwhile, a neighbor accuses Jesus of cheating in a house-decoration contest; and Jude overcompensates with Callie to alleviate his guilt over having been adopted.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 12

The Fosters script:
episode 2.12, "Over/Under"

Lena and Stef clash over several matters, including Lena quitting her job. Meanwhile, Robert's change of heart confuses Callie; an ambulance arrives at the Quinns' home; and Jesus is surprised by what he learns when he sneaks into Ana's AA meeting.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 13

The Fosters script:
episode 2.13, "Stay"

Kiara seeks help from Callie regarding an unfit foster home, but getting Kiara out proves difficult. Elsewhere, Mariana is recruited to join a team of gifted students, but she hides her high math scores from Mat; and Jesus tells Hayley his secret.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 14

The Fosters script:
episode 2.14, "Mother Nature"

The family embark on a camping trip, but the kids aren't too excited about it. Meanwhile, Jesus' secrets are exposed; things get awkward between Callie and Brandon; Jude grows annoyed with how others treat him; and Mike invites Ana to move in with him.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 15

The Fosters script:
episode 2.15, "Light of Day"

Callie tries a new approach with Robert. Meanwhile, Brandon talks to the band about his mom's rules; Ana's situation inspires Mariana; and Jude attempts to make peace with Connor.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 16

The Fosters script:
episode 2.16, "If You Only Knew"

Callie helps Daphne prepare for an official visit with her daughter, but their past actions haunt them. Meanwhile, Brandon's band get a gig at a farm party, which doesn't go well; and Jesus is invited to attend a prominent wrestling school.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 17

The Fosters script:
episode 2.17, "The Silence She Keeps"

Callie tries to keep a secret and makes a puzzling decision, which confuses Stef and Lena. Meanwhile, Lena's in an awkward position when Monte and Timothy clash over the school curriculum; and Mariana wants to persuade a talented dancer to join her team.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 18

The Fosters script:
episode 2.18, "Now Hear This"

Mariana organizes a protest at school, which helps divert her attention from changes at home. Meanwhile, Callie puts herself in jeopardy when she discovers Kiara is on the streets; and Jude demands that Connor stop sending him mixed messages.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 19

The Fosters script:
episode 2.19, "Justify the Means"

Stef bends the truth with Lena about a way to adopt Callie, while Lena hides her emotions from Stef. Elsewhere, Brandon must make a sacrifice in order to live out his dream of being a classical musician; and a defiant Jude sees Connor.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 20

The Fosters script:
episode 2.20, "Not That Kind of Girl"

Callie faces another barrier on her road to a better future. Meanwhile, Lena opens up to Monte about her troubles at home; Mariana makes inquiries about a letter Ana wrote to family members; and Jude deals with the consequences of using poor judgment.

The Fosters episode script season 2 episode 21

The Fosters script:
episode 2.21, "The End of the Beginning"

In the second-season finale, Callie meets her grandfather, which gives her a new perspective on Robert. Meanwhile, Mariana gets ready for a crucial dance-team showdown; and Jude stands up for a friend.


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The Fosters stars Teri Polo; Sherri Saum; Hayden Byerly; David Lambert; Maia Mitchell; Cierra Ramirez; Danny Nucci; Amanda Leighton; Noah Centineo; Jake T. Austin; Jordan Rodrigues; Alexandra Barreto; Tom Williamson; Annika Marks; Daffany McGaray Clark; Alex Saxon; Gavin MacIntosh; Elliot Fletcher, and more!