The Black List: 2021 Screenplays • Part 5

The Black List 2021 screenplays part 5.

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The 17th edition of "The Black List" features 73 unproduced screenplays. Here are the next 13, indexed alphabetically, from K to O.

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For Your Consideration, we have the next 13 scripts cataloged and indexed alphabetically for quick access. Including M. Miller Davis' "Killer Instinct," Stuart C. Paul's "Operation: Milk and Cookies," and everything in between.

If you're a young writer looking for study guides, you've found the right place. These "Black List: 2021" scripts were chosen by more than 375 film-industry executives.

What is "The Black List" you ask? To find out how it all works, scroll down a little bit.

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Discover more about the "Black List: 2021" scripts

Unsure about exactly what is the "Black List"? Read on.

Consider the name ironic.

This isn't a list of scripts written by those who are unwelcome in the industry. Rather, "The Black List" is a compilation of "most liked" unproduced screenplays from a certain year. Screenwriters, young and old, repped or voiceless, submit their works for consideration.

Annually, since 2005, film industry executives read hundreds of screenplays and choose which ones are their favorite. Referred to as a "mention" (basically, a vote), favored scripts with the most mentions are featured on, in this regard, the "Black List: 2021".

Some screenplays get optioned by studios and, perhaps, become movies. Past picks include: "The Imitation Game," and "St. Vincent."

Screenplays on this page:
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    Killer Instinct

    Written by: Lillian Yu

    Mentions: 23 (4th overall in 2021)

    After a Hollywood assistant is publicly fired for admitting while on a conference call that he’d love to kill his boss, he finds his boss dead in the office the next morning and goes on the lam to figure out the real culprit, all while being hunted by his boss’s assassin.

    Killers and Diplomats

    Written by: John Tyler McClainMichael Nourse

    Mentions: 7

    The true story of the murder of four American churchwomen in El Salvador in 1980 and the low-level American diplomat who teamed with his most dangerous informant to smoke out their killers. Based on Raymond Bonner’s work for The Atlantic.

    Lady Krylon

    Written by: Brandon Constantine

    Mentions: 12

    Two rival graffiti artists engage in a series of street battles, culminating in an otherworldly duel after the art starts bleeding into the real world.


    Written by: Daniel Kunka

    Mentions: 7

    A female master thief and her ex-boyfriend who works for the FBI team up to steal $100M worth of gold bullion being transported on a 777 passenger flight from London to Zurich.


    Written by: Whit Brayton

    Mentions: 13

    A famed experimental musician finds himself embroiled in the race to solve Earth’s primary existential threat: A deafening sound that never stops, forcing all of humanity to survive in silence.

    The Masked Singer

    Written by: Mike JonesNicholas Sherman

    Mentions: 12

    Mickey Rourke loses his mind after he’s forced to take a gig on television’s highest rated show: The Masked Singer.

    Max and Tony's Epic One-Night Stand

    Written by: Thomas Kivney

    Mentions: 7

    A disastrous Grindr hookup goes from bad to worse when a meteor unleashes a horde of aliens on New York and the two ill-matched men must depend on each other to make it through the night alive.


    Written by: Stefan Jaworski

    Mentions: 18 (8th overall in 2021)

    When a first date takes a dangerous turn, down-on-his-luck Michael risks everything to save his newfound love from her past. Little does he know, the night — and his date — are not what they seem. Michael soon finds himself on a high-octane cat-and-mouse race across the city to save himself and uncover the truth, armed with nothing but his wit, his driving skills, and a 1969 Ford Mercury.

    Michael Bay: The Explosive Biopic

    Written by: Sean Tidwell

    Mentions: 12

    Packed with enough C4 to split an asteroid in two, this tell-all Michael Bay origin story reveals the explosions that defined him, the fire that ignited his little heart, and the fate that sealed his Hollywood destiny.


    Written by: Scarlett Bermingham

    Mentions: 10

    A successful illustrator finds herself friendless after her best friend gets engaged, forcing her to embark on an epic quest to "date" for new girlfriends — as an adult.

    Mr. Benihana

    Written by: Chris Wu

    Mentions: 16 (10th overall in 2021)

    When a short Japanese kid from post-war Tokyo decides to make it big in the US of A, he discovers a winning recipe of exploiting his heritage with good old-fashioned American entertainment, to the great shame of his traditionalist father. This is the larger-than-life immigrant story of the OG daredevil playboy tycoon: the one-and-only Rocky Aoki.

    A Nice Indian Boy

    Written by: Eric Randall

    Mentions: 8

    When Naveen brings his fiancé Jay home to meet his family, his traditional Indian parents must contend with accepting his white partner and helping them plan the most fabulous same sex Indian wedding the Bay Area has ever seen. Based on the play by: Madhuri Shekar.

    Operation: Milk and Cookies

    Written by: M. Miller Davis

    Mentions: 10

    After their house is threatened with repossession, a mismatched group of foster kids set out on an adventure to summon Santa Claus to save their home and end up on the run from a crew of angry bank robbers.

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