The Black List: 2019 Screenplays • Part 5

The Black List 2019 screenplays part 5.

Read the "Black List: 2019" Screenplays

The 15th edition of "The Black List" features 66 unproduced screenplays. Here are the next 8, indexed from O to R.

You can read and download the "Black List: 2019" screenplays and scripts right here, right now.

They're listed and indexed alphabetically for quick access. So, For Your Consideration, the next batch of 8 scripts. From Henry Dunham's "The Perdition in Liége", to Tyler Austin's and Patrick Eme's, "Rumours", and everything in between.

If you're a young writer looking for study guides, you've found the right place. These "Black List: 2019" scripts were chosen by industry executives as their favorite among unproduced screenplays from the past year.

What is the "Black List" you ask? It may not be exactly what you'd expect. Discover more, below.

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Discover more about the "Black List: 2019" screenplays

Unsure about exactly what is the "Black List"? Read on.

Consider the name ironic. This isn't a list of scripts written by those who are unwelcome in the industry. Rather, the "Black List" is a compilation of "most liked" unproduced screenplays from a particular year. Screenwriters, young and old, repped or voiceless, submit their works for consideration.

Annually, since 2005, film industry executives read hundreds of screenplays and choose which ones are their favorite. Referred to as a "mention", favored scripts with the most mentions are featured on, in this regard, the "Black List: 2019".

Some screenplays get optioned by studios and become movies. Past scripts include "Transcendence", and "Manchester by the Sea."


The Perdition in Liége

Written by: Henry Dunham

Mentions: 7

A prisoner of war in a Belgian POW camp undergoing abandonment survives an execution firing squad by chance and escapes by hiding among the dead. After removing his fallen compatriot’s dog tags to get home and give their families solace, he attempts the fifty-mile journey south toward the allied stronghold, through the deadly war-torn landscape, and before a hell-bent SS officer on his tail catches up to him.


Written by: Nabil Chowdhary

Mentions: 13 (11th overall in 2019)

After a mission to destroy a black hole that endangers mankind goes wrong, an astronaut awakens in her escape pod to find that decades have passed seemingly in a moment. Now, with an old body and fragile mind, she battles against the elements of space & time to complete her mission.

The Process

Written by: Levin Menekse

Mentions: 10

Trapped at a three day personal development retreat, a woman fights to save her husband and herself from being brainwashed by a charismatic self-help guru.


Written by: Debra Moore Muñoz

Mentions: 10

A brother and sister navigate the perils of both man and nature through Central America in their quest to find safety in the United States.

The Repossession

Written by: Megan Amram

Mentions: 7

Twenty years after a failed exorcism, a meek young woman becomes unlikely friends with the foul-mouthed demon that possessed her as a child.

Resurrection (2022)

Written by: Andrew Semans

Mentions: 8

Margaret is a single mother living in New York with her teenage daughter. When David, a mysterious older man from Margaret’s past, begins appearing randomly in her environment, she becomes convinced that he intends to bring tremendous violence into their lives. So Margaret embarks on a vigilante mission to protect her daughter, and to disembowel David.


Written by: Ezra Herz

Mentions: 10

After strange deaths and suicides skyrocket in a dying Appalachian coal town, Maggie - a first responder - wages a personal war against the local coal mine, unearthing a disturbing past that the company has kept secret within the waters of the local lake.


Written by: Tyler Austin | Patrick Eme

Mentions: 15 (7th overall in 2019)

In 1970s LA, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, two struggling musicians and lovers, join a band called Fleetwood Mac and are thrown into a whirlwind of worldwide fame, infamous drug addiction, and one of the best-selling albums of all time -- which also happens to be about the disintegration of their relationship.

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