The Black List: 2015 Screenplays • Part 2

Black List 2015 screenplays part 2.

Read the "Black List: 2015" Screenplays

The 11th edition of "The Black List" features 81 unproduced screenplays. Here are the first 12, indexed alphabetically, from C to D.

Okay, so you've read the first batch. Let's continue.

Read and download the "Black List: 2015" screenplays. We have all 81 chosen scripts from the 11th edition.

For Your Consideration, here are another 12 scripts cataloged and indexed alphabetically, from C through D, for quick access. Including Alex Koplow's "The Canyon," Nicolaas Zwart's "Dreamland," and everything in between.

If you're a young writer looking for study guides, you've found the right place. These "Black List: 2015" scripts were chosen by more than 250 film-industry executives.

What is "The Black List" you ask? To find out how it all works, go ahead and scroll down a little more.

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Discover more about the "Black List: 2015" scripts

Unsure about exactly what is "The Black List"? Read on.

Consider the name ironic.

This isn't a list of scripts written by those who are unwelcome in the industry. Rather, "The Black List" is a compilation of "most liked" unproduced screenplays from a certain year. Screenwriters, young and old, repped or voiceless, submit their works for consideration.

Annually, since 2005, film industry executives read hundreds of screenplays and choose which ones are their favorite. Referred to as a "mention" (a vote), favored scripts with the most mentions are featured on, in this regard, the "Black List: 2015." And, you may have already noticed that a great number of screenplays featured on The List have since been produced.

Past picks include "Juno," and "Armored."

Screenplays on this page:
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    The Canyon

    Written by: Alex Koplow

    Mentions: 6

    When parents reunite with their grown children for a road trip to hike the Grand Canyon, the family conflicts on the way prove far more grueling than the twenty mile hike.


    Written by: Matías Caruso

    Mentions: 6

    A deadly carnival knife-thrower hunts down the members of a powerful crime syndicate who murdered his sister.

    Castle Drive

    Written by: Matthew Scott Weiner

    Mentions: 14

    Based on real events, the story of the writing of Fatal Vision, the 1983 bestselling true crime classic that chronicles the summer journalist Joe McGinness spent with "Green Beret Killer" Jeffrey McDonald while he was on trial for the brutal murder of his wife and children.

    Chappaquiddick (2017)

    Written by: Taylor AllenAndrew Logan

    Mentions: 14

    A historically factual look at what really happened when Ted Kennedy drove off the road into a Martha’s Vineyard bay with Mary Jo Kopechne in the car. IMDb

    Circle of Treason

    Written by: Anna WaterhouseJoe Shrapnel

    Mentions: 14

    Based on the book "Circle of Treason: A CIA Account of Traitor Aldrich Ames and The Men He Betrayed" written by Sandra Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuille. When two women in the CIA suspect there is a mole working there, they have to overcome the institution’s hierarchy and chauvinism to bring down the traitor.

    Crater (2022)

    Written by: John Griffin

    Mentions: 34 (5th overall in 2015)

    On the moon, five teens take an unauthorized and adventure-filled road trip just before one of them is to be sent away on a seventy-five year journey to another planet, leaving behind his best friends. IMDb

    Crimson Trail

    Written by: Jeremy Shipp

    Mentions: 10

    Based on a true story. Devastated by the cold-blooded murder of his family, a devout frontier preacher risks his soul to lead a posse in pursuit of the Harpe Brothers -- America’s first serial killers.

    Crook County

    Written by: Gita PullapillyAron Gaudet

    Mentions: 6

    A whistleblower’s harrowing journey into an undercover FBI operation in 1980’s Cook County, Illinois, sending him toe-to-toe with corrupt judges, hustling defense attorneys, and Chicago mobsters; and ultimately resulting in the largest number of convictions of government officials in the history of the United States.

    Cut and Run

    Written by: Zoë McCarthy

    Mentions: 14

    A female urologist and a retired hooker form an unlikely friendship when they team up to take down a notorious sex trafficker in Miami.


    Written by: Bryan McMullin

    Mentions: 6

    After first being locked up in a tower and then hidden deep in the forest to prevent a prince from rescuing her, long-haired Rapunzel vows to get revenge.

    Do No Harm

    Written by: Julia Cox

    Mentions: 16

    An ambitious surgeon’s life takes a dangerous turn when she indulges in an affair with a doctor whose god complex challenges her own.

    Dreamland (2019)

    Written by: Nicolaas Zwart

    Mentions: 18

    With his family’s farm on the precipice of foreclosure, fifteen-year-old Eugene Evans is determined to capture a fugitive bank robber and collect the bounty on her head. Against all odds, he beats out the FBI and the local police to capture her, only to discover that all may not be what it seems. IMDb

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