The Black List: 2013 Screenplays: Part 2

Black List 2013 screenplays part 2.

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The 9th edition of "The Black List" features 72 screenplays. Here are the next 10, indexed alphabetically, from C to D.

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Discover and download all of the "Black List: 2013" screenplays. We have the 72 handpicked scripts from the 9th edition. In the interest of speed, we've spilt the collection into smaller batches.

For Your Consideration, the next 10 scripts cataloged and indexed alphabetically, from C through D. Including Patrick Tobin's "Cake," Olivia Milch's "Dude," and everything in between.

If you're a young writer looking for study guides, you've found the right place. These "Black List: 2013" scripts were chosen by more than 250 film-industry executives.

What is "The Black List" you ask? To find out how it all works, go ahead and scroll down a little more.

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Discover more about the "Black List: 2013" scripts

Unsure about exactly what is "The Black List"? Read on.

Consider the name ironic. This isn't a list of scripts written by those who are unwelcome in the industry. Rather, "The Black List" is a compilation of "most liked" unproduced screenplays from a certain year. Screenwriters, young and old, repped or voiceless, submit their works for evaluation and possible consideration.

Annually, since 2005, film industry executives read hundreds of screenplays and choose which ones are their favorite. Referred to as a "mention" (a vote), favored scripts with the most mentions are featured on, in this regard, the "Black List: 2013." And, you may have already noticed that a great number of screenplays featured on The List have since been produced.

Past picks include "Margin Call," and "The Butler."

Screenplays on this page:
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    Cake (2014)

    Written by: Patrick Tobin

    Mentions: 8

    A woman who’s been suffering from chronic pain since the car accident that cost the life of her child finds the will to go on from the most unexpected places. IMDb


    Written by: Ian Shorr

    Mentions: 8

    A young man’s life is turned upside down when he mysteriously begins to receive metallic capsules containing messages from his future self.

    The Civilian

    Written by: Rachel LongBrian Pittman

    Mentions: 16

    After an American doctor has his identity stolen by a covert operative, he must assume the dangerous mission of the one who stole it in order to clear his name.


    Written by: Ryan BelenzonJeffrey Gelber

    Mentions: 8

    What if the world woke up tomorrow to scientific proof of the afterlife?

    The Company Man

    Written by: Andrew Cypiot

    Mentions: 10

    Based on a true events, this is the story of former CIA agent Edwin Wilson who went behind enemy lines to secure weapons contracts and report information back to the CIA shortly after the Cold War. Edwin had a meteoric rise in the agency until company policies changed and he was unceremoniously fired, but he continued to operate as a man without a country and became public enemy number one in the US Attorney’s office.


    Written by: Max Hurwitz

    Mentions: 9

    In exchange for a lighter prison sentence, a young hacker goes undercover for the FBI in a sting operation to find and steal a super computer virus with the help of a team of unsuspecting hackers.

    Diablo Run

    Written by: Shea MirzaiEvan Mirzai

    Mentions: 9

    While on a road trip to Mexico, two best friends are forced to enter a thousand mile death race with no rules.


    Written by: Adam Barker

    Mentions: 7

    After his villainous father-in-law kidnaps his daughters, SOL, a tough-as-nails mountain man, travels across the frigid Appalachian mountains seeking vengeance.


    Written by: Nicole Riegel

    Mentions: 16

    A 15-year-old boy discovers that his kidnapped older brother has been living in a hidden, meth-producing compound, and infiltrates the camp in hopes of helping his brother escape.

    Dude (2018)

    Written by: Olivia Milch

    Mentions: 6

    The story of four best girlfriends who must learn how to move forward without moving on, as they come down off the "high" of high school in this "Fast Times-esque" teenage comedy. IMDb

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