Everythng Sucks! (2018)

Have a look at the unofficial scripts from the Netflix series, Everything Sucks! You can read them on a separate page by clicking on the button. Or, you can download them in "pdf" format by clicking the button.


Everything Sucks! in 1996 Boring, OR. High school misfits in the AV and drama clubs brave the ups and downs of teenage life in the VHS era.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.01, "Plutonium"

A new school year begins at Boring High School, freshman Luke impresses his friends by inviting sophomore Kate - the principal's daughter - to his house.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.02, "Maybe You're Gonna Be the One That Saves Me"

Luke plans his next move with Kate, who's having a rough day at school, and discovers VHS tapes that bring back emotional memories.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.03, "All That and a Bag of Chips"

A pulled fire alarm lands Luke in detention and his mother in Ken's office. An irate drama club plots revenge on the AV kids.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.04, "Romeo & Juliet in Space"

Luke presents a proposal to the drama club in an effort to make peace. Sherry and Ken engage in some impromptu immature behavior.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.05, "What the Hell's a Zarginda?"

Luke tries to help Kate work through her feelings. Oliver and Luke hold film auditions. Emaline takes Kate shopping. Ken invites Luke over for dinner.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.06, "Sometimes I Hear My Voice"

Luke and Kate attempt to get to Portland for a concert. Ken and Sherry partake in contraband that was confiscated from a student.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.07, "Cheesecake to a Fat Man"

Luke wallows in anger, while Ken and Kate bask in liberation. Tyler's proficiency with dial-up internet leads to unusual drug experimentation.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.08, "I Just Wanna Be Anybody"

The Boring High crew takes an emotionally exhausting trip to California to shoot a scene for the movie...minus one important member.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.09, "My Friends Have Been Eaten by Spiders"

An exasperated Luke scrambles to finish the movie. Kate has important conversations with Emaline and Luke. McQuaid gets a sudden boost of confidence.


Everything Sucks! script:
episode 1.10, "We Were Merely Freshmen"

The Boring community comes together for the movie premiere, where angst simmers even as wounds heal and relationships blossom.



Everything Sucks! stars Jahi Di’Allo Winston; Peyton Kennedy; Patch Darragh; Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako; Quinn Liebling; Elijah Stevenson; Rio Mangini; Sydney Sweeney; Abi Brittle; Nicole McCullough; Zachary Ray Sherman; Connor Muhl; Jalon Howard; Ben York Jones; Katie O’Grady, and more!