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"Ford v Ferrari"

Screenplay | Script

Written By: Jez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth and Jason Keller

Final Shooting Draft | 04.24.2019

November 15, 2019 | Twentieth Century Fox

Based on the true story of visionary American car designer Carroll Shelby and fearless British-born driver Ken Miles, who together build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.

They said I got 'carte blanche'. I looked it up and it's French for 'horse shit'. They'll squeeze our nuts even harder soon as they work out how.

pg. 77

Discover More About the "Ford v Ferrari" Screenplay

There's more to a script than just words.

It takes an army to make a script come to life. Meet the writers of the "Ford v Ferrari" screenplay, and the rest of the team that made the movie.

Jez Butterworth is an actor, producer and writer known for Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Ford v Ferrari (2019), Fair Game (2010), Black Mass (2015).

John-Henry Butterworth is a producer and writer known for Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Ford v Ferrari (2019), Fair Game (2010), Get on Up (2014).

Jason Keller is a producer, director and writer known for Ford v Ferrari (2019), Escape Plan (2013), Machine Gun Preacher (2011), A Good Day to Die Hard (2013).

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Notable Cast
Matt Damon Matt Damon ... Carroll Shelby
Christian Bale Christian Bale ... Ken Miles
Jon Bernthal Jon Bernthal ... Lee Iacocca
Caitriona Balfe Caitriona Balfe ... Mollie Miles
Josh Lucas Josh Lucas ... Leo Beebe
Noah Jupe Noah Jupe ... Peter Miles
Tracy Letts Tracy Letts ... Henry Ford II
Remo Girone Remo Girone ... Enzo Ferrari
Ray McKinnon Ray McKinnon ... Phil Remington
JJ Feild JJ Feild ... Roy Lunn
Jack McMullen Jack McMullen ... Charlie Agapiou
Corrado Invernizzi Corrado Invernizzi ... Franco Gozzi
Joe Williamson Joe Williamson ... Don Frey


Notable Wins
Andrew Buckland, Michael McCusker...Best Achievement in Film Editing
Donald Sylvester...Best Achievement in Sound Editing
Andrew Buckland, Michael McCusker...Best Editing

Box Office

(2019) U.S. Dollars
Budget ... $97,600,000
Opening weekend ... $31,474,958
Gross (US & Canada) ... $117,624,357
Gross (World) ... $225,508,210


U.S. Version


Additional Content
Cast Photos...IMDb
Box Office...IMDb Pro
Poster...Official Site
Awards...92nd Academy Awards
Awards...73rd British Academy Film Awards
Studio...20th Century Studios

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