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Candyman (1992) • Screenplay

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Read and download the "Candyman" screenplay and script right here. Based on the equally-chilling novel, "The Forbidden", by the chilling Clive Barker.

This is from the original, 1992 film. How does it compare to the 2021 movie? Let me know!

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The "Candyman" screenplay is written by Bernard Rose. And, it's based on the Clive Barker novel, "The Forbidden."

The script version we'd like you to consider is Rose's Revised Draft (dated 08.1991). You can read or download it below. Keep scrolling for more.

Born: August 4, 1960. Bernard Rose is a director, and writer known for Candyman (1992), Ivans xtc. (2000), Frankenstein (2015), Paperhouse (1988).

Born: October 5, 1952. Clive Barker is a writer known for Hellraiser (1987), Nightbreed (1990), Candyman (1992), The Midnight Meat Train (2008).

What's "Candyman" about?

So glad you asked! Have a look at the movie's logline, and a quote from the screenplay.

Grad student Helen Lyle unintentionally summons the Candyman, a hook-handed creature made flesh by other people's belief in him.

With my hook for a hand. I'll split you from your nob to your gullet.

PG. 1 : Scene 1

Get the "Candyman" script right here

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Fun fact: Screenwriter Bernard Rose, who also directed "Candyman", made it on a miniscule budget of $6,000,000 (USD)! That's about $11,000,000 in 2021. Certainly that is a lot of money to you and me. But, in terms of filmmaking (shot on actual 35mm film - an expensive medium), it isn't a lot of money.

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