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Boyz n the Hood (1991) • Screenplay

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Like, the writer, for example! The "Boyz n the Hood" screenplay & script is written by John Singleton. And, we have his revised draft (from 09.28.1990) available to download. Free, of course, from 8FLiX and Sony Pictures.

BOYZ N THE HOOD is the critically acclaimed story of three friends growing up in a South Central Los Angeles neighborhood, and of street life where friendship, pain, danger and love combine to form reality.

What the hell you think I been doing all these years? ...listen, Reva, it's time to let go, I know you wanna play the mommy and all but Tre's a man now. He's not a little boy anymore, that time has passed, you missed it.

Furious Styles,
PG.49 : scene 73

Not a true story ... but it may as well be.

"The Hood" is a place where drive-by shootings and unemployment are rampant. But it is also a place where harmony coexists with adversity, especially for three young men growing up there: Doughboy (Ice Cube), an unambitious drug dealer; his brother Ricky (Morris Chestnut), a college-bound teenage father; and Ricky's best friend Tre (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), who aspires to a brighter future beyond "The Hood." In a world where a trip to the store can end in death, the friends have diverse reactions to their bleak surroundings. Tre's resolve is strengthened by a strong father (Larry Fishburne)who keeps him on the right track. But the lessons Tre learns are put to the ultimate test when tragedy strikes close to home, and violence seems like the only recourse.

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