Young Royals season 2 transcripts.
When you lose yourself…you find what matters. "Young Royals" is the award winning teen romance series from Netflix.

8FLiX has "Young Royals" SEASON 2 transcripts available, free to read and download in PDF. Here's a brief look at the 6-episode season that premiered November 1, 2022.

Struggling to accept his newfound royal duties, Wilhelm fears his Crown Prince title will cost him everything he cares about. Netflix

Young Royals: Season 2 | Episodes 2.01 - 2.06

1. Episode 1

Animosity lingers between Wilhelm and August as a new semester at Hillerska begins. Sara finally gets to experience campus life.

2. Episode 2

Negotiating the harsh consequences of his rebellion, Wilhelm presents the Queen with an ultimatum. Birthday celebrations remind Sara she's an outsider.

3. Episode 3

A combative rowing competition gets even more heated due to Simon's surprise guest. Summoned by the Queen for a talk, August fears for his future.

4. Episode 4

Rumors about a girl in Wilhelm's room circulate while Sara's fling might be short-lived. The girls rebel against antiquated Valentine's Ball traditions.

5. Episode 5

Last-minute changes to the choir's jubilee performance disappoint Simon. A therapy session leads to big revelations for Wilhelm.

6. Episode 6

Secrets come to light as an unexpected renegade spoils Simon's plan. Wilhelm's fateful speech approaches — will he rise to the occasion?


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