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Stranger Things archives of full episode scripts teleplays

Stranger Things is a Netflix television series. It tells the story of a group of friends who witness supernatural forces and secret government exploits.

We’re HUGE fans of Stranger Things. The 8FLiX Stranger Things Archives Collection is one of the most popular archives on this website. We have full episode scripts (real teleplays) from the entire third season of Stranger Things. Plus, a handful of scripts from seasons 1 and 2. Our collection of Stranger Things full episode scripts keeps growing.

Also, we have Stranger Things transcripts from the entire series. Everything is free to read, study and download. And all of our scripts can be printed! Some of our Stranger Things fans have told us that they printed our scripts and gifted them to friends. Another fan told us that they were using the scripts for their school’s drama club.

You’re probably wondering, “What’s the difference?”


Basically, transcripts are written logs of spoken dialogue and are without context. A script, however (or what the industry calls a “teleplay”), is what an actor is given (their “lines”). But teleplays have context like scene descriptions, actions, and sometimes detail what emotions or tones the actors could use to enhance their dialogue.

At 8FLiX, we have both Stranger Things full episode scripts (teleplays) and transcripts! Download them, compare, and then re-watch the series on Netflix and follow along.


You can keep scrolling to see our entire collection. We’ve separated them into seasons. You’ll find links to thousands of photos, transcripts, and the scripts (teleplays).

Welcome to 8FLiX.

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