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A transcript is a written log of one's thoughts and speech. Unlike a television script or movie screenplay, a transcript has no defining "acts" or "scenes."

The television transcripts that we have at 8FLiX are a word-for-word record of spoken dialogue. Also, for certain series, they may also include descriptions of effects and other relevant sounds.

One feature that our transcripts include is time-code data. Many of our users have found this attribute useful when pairing our these with the appropriate episode. This can be especially useful when using our transcripts for reference.


There are many differences between transcripts and screenplays. But for now, we'll focus on one variation that many of our users have noted.

A screenplay (or teleplay) is written prior to filming. A transcript is written after the production has been filmed, edited and released. So, any dialogue that performers adlibbed while filming would not be in the original script. The transcript, however, would include this dialogue.


If you're looking for a specific movie or TV show/series, please let us know. 8FLiX has more than 10,000 scripts and screenplays. Eventually, they'll all be available to download (but certainly not in your lifetime). To avoid waiting decades for 8FLiX to add the script that you're looking for, send us an email. You still may have to wait, but it'll be days rather than generations.

Okay, now that you're up-to-speed, have a look at what we do have available right now. You can read, download, and study at your leisure. We're always open and our service is provided free of charge.

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