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The IDW Publishing "Locke & Key" comic book franchise, co-created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, has garnered both awards and acclaim during its ten-year-plus run; has been translated into dozens of languages across the globe; and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Here's What Netflix's LOCKE & KEY is All About

"Locke & Key" is a horror/fantasy series that revolves around three siblings who, after the gruesome murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Massachusetts only to find the house has magical keys that give them a vast array of powers and abilities. Little do they know, a devious demon also wants the keys, and will stop at nothing to attain them. Netflix


8FLiX has the full "Locke & Key" episode transcripts available. They're free to download and study whenever you want.

These transcripts are more for the "STAN," rather than the professional writers (who make up the other half of 8FLiX's frequent visitors) who come looking for scripts/teleplays. Yes, there is a difference between transcripts and scripts.


I won't bore you with the technical specifications (more on that later). But, basically, a transcript is a document that puts into words one's speech. A script, which is also called a "teleplay," is what a show's cast and crew refer to when in production. A transcript lacks context and emotion. However, a script is a lot more detailed and can sometimes read like a novel.

At 8FLiX, we have only "Locke & Key" transcripts for now. But, you can still download them and then re-watch the series and follow along.

For a more complete look at the difference between transcripts, screenplays, scripts and teleplays, go ahead and click or tap any of those words you've just read.


These transcripts are most appreciated by "Locke & Key" STANS. Those dedicated die-hards who like to recite, word-for-word, favourite episodes and characters. And that's why we've made these transcripts easy to read with a timeline reference that you can match with each episode on Netflix.

You can keep scrolling to see our entire "Locke & Key" transcript collection.

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