Gotham scripts and transcripts from season 4 episodes 12 through 22 from DC and 8FLiX

"A Dark Knight" is the fourth season of Fox and DC Comics' "Gotham."

As Gotham's most fiendish criminals step out of the shadows to rebuild, Gordon and Bullock attempt to control the chaos -- with some help from Bruce.

8FLiX has "Gotham: A Dark Knight" SEASON 4 transcripts available, free to read and download in PDF. Here's a brief look at the 22-episode season.

Gotham: Season 4 | Episodes 4.01 - 4.22

1. Pax Penguina

Premiered September 21, 2017. While Bruce adapts to life as a vigilante, Penguin plans a grand opening for his new "Iceberg Lounge." A new villain forces Gotham to face its fears.

2. The Fear Reaper

Premiered September 28, 2017. As the Scarecrow gathers an army, Penguin issues a public challenge for Gordon to find Jonathan Crane. Selina and Tabitha negotiate a new partnership.

3. They Who Hide Behind Masks

Premiered October 5, 2017. Gordon goes to Falcone for help, and Bruce dons a series of disguises. A theft at the Iceberg Lounge hits Penguin where it hurts.

4. The Demon's Head

Premiered October 12, 2017. Bruce and Alfred court danger while digging into the knife's ancient origins. Meanwhile, Nygma wants revenge -- but he seems to have lost his touch.

5. The Blade's Path

Premiered October 19, 2017. Bruce takes matters into his own hands, and Nygma comes face to face with an old associate. Sofia appeals to Penguin's soft side.

6. Hog Day Afternoon

Premiered October 26, 2017. A new killer hits Gotham with a disturbing M.O.: killing cops and crowning his victims with a severed pig’s head. Grundy takes to the ring.

7. A Day in the Narrows

Premiered November 2, 2017. A disturbing delivery at the precinct prompts Penguin to offer his services. An old friend talks Bruce into meeting up with some former classmates.

8. Stop Hitting Yourself

Premiered November 9, 2017. A vengeful Penguin sends the Sirens after Nygma when he hears he's being publicly mocked. A big promotion comes between Gordon and Bullock.

9. Let Them Eat Pie

Premiered November 16, 2017. While Sofia plans a posh fundraiser for the orphanage, Professor Pyg gives Gotham a taste of what’s to come. Bruce and Alfred go into the woods.

10. Things That Go Boom

Premiered November 30, 2017. Gordon digs into Pyg's past in an attempt to unmask him while Lee tightens her control over the Narrows. A scorned Penguin lashes out at Sofia.

11. Queen Takes Knight

Premiered December 7, 2017. Penguin's plan to call an old rival back to Gotham erupts in unexpected violence. Bruce and Alfred come to blows over bad behavior.

12. Pieces of a Broken Mirror

Premiered March 1, 2018. A colorful new persona takes root in Gotham, and Alfred adjusts to life away from Wayne Manor. Nygma backs Lee in her quest to rebuild the Narrows.

13. A Beautiful Darkness

Premiered March 8, 2018. Ivy leaves behind an intoxicating calling card while digging up dirt on a top-secret project. Jerome pokes fun at Penguin, and Bruce sees his future.

14. Reunion

Premiered March 15, 2018. Sofia makes steep demands on the Narrows, and a remorseful Bruce reaches out to Alfred. A widespread attack on Gotham reeks of vengeance.

15. The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause

Premiered March 22, 2018. While Gordon and Bullock look for a key witness to take Sofia down, Lee goes to Penguin and Nygma with a plan for revenge. Selina asks Bruce for help.

16. One of My Three Soups

Premiered March 29, 2018. A coordinated breakout at Arkham begets bedlam -- and blood -- in the streets. Bruce pursues an old enemy. Painful memories reveal Barbara's purpose.

17. Mandatory Brunch Meeting

Premiered April 5, 2018. Jerome calls the first meeting of the "Legion of Horribles," and Nygma hosts a game show in the Narrows. Penguin goes to Butch with a proposal.

18. That's Entertainment

Premiered April 12, 2018. Gordon goes to Bruce with a plan when Jerome makes demands on Gotham. Penguin has second thoughts, and Barbara unlocks her destiny.

19. To Our Deaths and Beyond

Premiered April 19, 2018. A rash of bank robberies keeps Gordon and Bullock busy. A familiar evil reawakens, putting Barbara in danger -- and forcing Selina to choose sides.

20. That Old Corpse

Premiered May 3, 2018. Chaos reigns as Jerome's followers swarm the GCPD and Nygma moves to bust Lee out of custody. Bruce builds trust with Jeremiah.

21. One Bad Day

Premiered May 10, 2018. Bullock steps in to defuse an explosive plot with help from the city's unlikeliest heroes. Bruce answers a fateful call that stirs his darkest fears.

22. No Man's Land

Premiered May 17, 2018. Ra's al Ghul's dark vision is realized as the governor declares martial law and Jeremiah lures Bruce into a trap. But Barbara's ready for a fight.


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