Gotham scripts and transcripts from season 3 episodes 12 through 22 from DC and 8FLiX

Fox and DC Comics' original series "Gotham" returns for a third season with: "Mad City."

Gordon's got his hands full when Hugo Strange's mutants escape his lab for the streets of Gotham and take over the city in a massive crime wave.

8FLiX has "Gotham: Mad City" SEASON 3 transcripts available, free to read and download in PDF. Here's a brief look at the 22-episode season.

Gotham: Season 3 | Episodes 3.01 - 3.22

1. Better to Reign in Hell

Premiered September 19, 2016. Gordon takes to the streets of Gotham as a bounty hunter to find mad-scientist supervillain Hugo Strange and his reanimated subject, Fish Mooney.

2. Burn the Witch

Premiered September 26, 2016. Professor Strange is still at large, but Fish is determined to find him. Meanwhile, Gordon and journalist Valerie Vale are determined to find Fish.

3. Look Into My Eyes

Premiered October 3, 2016. Gordon signs on to help new Gotham arrival Jervis Tetch, aka the Mad Hatter, find his lost sister, Alice. Elsewhere, Penguin preps for a mayoral run.

4. New Day Rising

Premiered October 10, 2016. With Penguin poised to become mayor of Gotham, Bruce and Alfred comb the city for Bruce's doppelgänger, who's completely assumed Bruce's identity.

5. Anything for You

Premiered October 17, 2016. While Bruce looks for Ivy, a newly elected Mayor Cobblepot faces a stack of campaign promises -- and unprecedented crime levels.

6. Follow the White Rabbit

Premiered October 24, 2016. A sadistic Mad Hatter forces Gordon to make an agonizing choice. Puzzle-loving Edward "Ed" Nygma reconnects with a face from his past.

7. The Red Queen

Premiered October 31, 2016. A run-in with the Mad Hatter sends Gordon down a psychedelic rabbit hole. Penguin struggles to accept the nature of Nygma's new relationship.

8. Blood Rush

Premiered November 7, 2016. As a deeply affected Barnes descends into madness, Nygma navigates his relationship with Isabella. Falcone throws Lee and Mario an engagement party.

9. The Executioner

Premiered November 14, 2016. Gordon urges Bullock to investigate Barnes, and Nygma turns to Penguin when he gets devastating news. Ivy opens up to Bruce and Selina.

10. Time Bomb

Premiered November 21, 2016. As a new threat bubbles to the surface before Lee and Mario's rehearsal dinner, Bruce begins to unravel the secrets surrounding the Court of Owls.

11. Beware the Green-Eyed Monster

Premiered November 28, 2016. As the virus starts spreading through the city, the Gotham lab developing a cure is compromised. Gordon and Mario face off before the wedding.

12. Ghosts

Premiered January 16, 2017. Gordon and Bullock unearth shadowy plans to resurrect an old foe. Selina's mother returns to Gotham, and Penguin prepares for prime time.

13. Smile Like You Mean It

Premiered January 23, 2017. Dwight's decision to bring Jerome back from the dead incites frenzy among his followers. Penguin and Nygma's power struggle intensifies.

14. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Premiered January 30, 2017. Jerome sets his sights on Bruce. Elsewhere, Gordon's uncle pays him a visit, and Penguin and Nygma face their issues head on.

15. How the Riddler Got His Name

Premiered April 24, 2017. Gotham gets a questionable new villain when Nygma rolls out "The Riddler." Disturbing details emerge about the death of Gordon's late father.

16. These Delicate and Dark Obsessions

Premiered May 1, 2017. As a terrible weapon threatens the city, Bruce begins his lessons with the Shaman. Meanwhile, Gordon unearths surprising ties in his family tree.

17. The Primal Riddle

Premiered May 8, 2017. There's a chill in the air when some of Gotham's most notorious villains -- including Mr. Freeze -- come together to talk in terrifying numbers.

18. Light the Wick

Premiered May 15, 2017. As terrible truths come to light, Gordon presses Kathryn for a seat at the Court of Owls' table. Elsewhere, Bruce intensifies his training.

19. All Will Be Judged

Premiered May 22, 2017. As the Shaman shows his hand, a dazzling discovery unlocks the secrets of Gotham's underworld. Penguin and Riddler are forced to work together.

20. Pretty Hate Machine

Premiered May 29, 2017. With a deadly virus looming over Gotham, some of the city's most maniacal villains join forces, and a young Bruce is poised to accept his destiny.

21 / 22. Destiny Calling / Heavydirtysoul

Premiered June 5, 2017. The search for an antidote intensifies as darkness spreads over Gotham -- and a trio of villains make plans. Bruce struggles to let go of his past.


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