Gotham scripts and transcripts from season 2 episodes 12 through 22 from DC and 8FLiX

Fox and DC Comics' original series "Gotham" is the origin story of some familiar Super-Villains, and one very determined cop.

This season, Gordon gets into some murky moral waters when he starts cutting deals with unsavory characters. Meanwhile, a perfect storm of evil begins to stir.

8FLiX has "Gotham: Rise of the Villains" SEASON 2 transcripts available, free to read and download in PDF. Here's a brief look at the 22-episode season.

Gotham: Season 2 | Episodes 2.01 - 2.22

1. Damned If You Do

Premiered September 21, 2015. As Bruce learns more about his late father's secrets, Gordon forms a reluctant partnership with Oswald Cobblepot.

2. Knock, Knock

Premiered September 28, 2015. Gordon leads the charge to find the Arkham escapees who are still at large. Meanwhile, Alfred takes drastic measures to protect Bruce.

3. The Last Laugh

Premiered October 5, 2015. Alfred convinces Bruce to attend a children's hospital benefit that turns unexpectedly sinister by evening's end.

4. Strike Force

Premiered October 12, 2015. A department tragedy leads to Gordon's promotion and a renewed commitment to fighting evil. Theo Galavan lays out his plan for Gotham's future.

5. Scarification

Premiered October 19, 2015. Gotham crime heats up when the Penguin and Galavan partner with a family of arsonists. An old feud resurfaces between the Galavans and the Waynes.

6. By Fire

Premiered October 26, 2015. As a conflicted Bridgit weighs her options, Penguin and Galavan continue their dueling quests for power.

7. Mommy's Little Monster

Premiered November 2, 2015. A vengeful Penguin is determined to free his mother from captivity. Upon meeting for the first time, Silver and Selina clash over Bruce.

8. Tonight's the Night

Premiered November 9, 2015. After Barbara wakes up from a chilling nightmare, a power-hungry Galavan makes Bruce an offer that's hard to refuse.

9. A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Premiered November 16, 2015. Lee expresses concern over Gordon's dark side. Edward nurses an injured Penguin back to health -- and seeks his advice.

10. The Son of Gotham

Premiered November 23, 2015. Selina and Bruce renew their partnership. Meanwhile, Gordon renews his quest to keep Galavan behind bars where he belongs.

11. Worse Than a Crime

Premiered November 30, 2015. After Bruce is abducted, Gordon turns to an unlikely ally to stop Galavan's plans for revenge against the Waynes.

12. Mr. Freeze

Premiered February 29, 2016. Gordon prepares for an important testimony. Meanwhile, there’s a chilling new villain in Gotham, and he’s freezing people to death.

13. A Dead Man Feels No Cold

Premiered March 7, 2016. Alfred shares new information about the man who killed Bruce's parents. The police prepare to move a new inmate to Arkham Asylum.

14. This Ball of Mud and Meanness

Premiered March 14, 2016. Penguin continues his work with Hugo Strange, who’s confident he can “cure” his aggression. Bruce renews his vow to find his parents’ killer.

15. Mad Grey Dawn

Premiered March 21, 2016. While Gordon and Bullock investigate a museum robbery, Penguin catches up with some old friends. Bruce tests his new street smarts.

16. Prisoners

Premiered March 28, 2016. Gordon gets a taste of prison life, and Bullock delivers devastating news. Elsewhere, Penguin deals with family dysfunction.

17. Into the Woods

Premiered April 11, 2016. While a desperate Gordon works to clear his name, Penguin learns the surprising truth about his father's death.

18. Pinewood

Premiered April 18, 2016. Barbara reaches out to Gordon in an attempt to repair their relationship. Bruce and Alfred launch a search for one of Thomas Wayne's old associates.

19. Azrael

Premiered May 2, 2016. While Gordon questions Professor Strange about his work at Pinewood Farms, a dangerous new villain prepares to take aim at the city.

20. Unleashed

Premiered May 9, 2016. Azrael's vow to kill Gordon prompts the Penguin to come out of the woodwork. But it doesn't take long for Bruce to become the new target.

21. A Legion of Horribles

Premiered May 16, 2016. With support from Gordon, Lucius and Alfred, Bruce sets out to save Selina. But first, they'll have to find Professor Strange's secret lab.

22. Transference

Premiered May 23, 2016. Gordon undergoes a drug-fueled transformation deep inside Professor Strange's lab. Meanwhile, a new threat looms for Gotham.


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