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Yes we have transcripts, too, but these are teleplays — or “scripts-proper.” There’s often some confusion surrounding what the difference is. So, if you’re interested, let’s take a moment to learn what makes them unique.


A teleplay, or script, is very similar to a screenplay. Basically, it’s what the cast and crew follow when filming.

A transcript is sort of a like written log of speech — or the on-screen dialogue of actors. Rarely is there contextual information.

The biggest difference between the two is that a teleplay gives context to the dialogue. Location identifiers, time of day, interaction with props and other actors give the reader a better understanding.

A transcript is a great resource when pairing it with the video itself. A teleplay, however, immerses the reader. It’s almost like reading a novel.


If you’re an avid book reader, then the format of a script, teleplay and screenplay may be a little jarring at first. But, once you read a few pages you’re very likely to get into the flow and be able to enjoy it like you would a novel. The more scripts you read, the easier it will become.

Okay, so I think we’re done here. Check back as often as you’d like. We’re always adding scripts to the database and updating older versions with newer ones.

Our service is free. Don’t feel pressured into downloading everything at once, thinking that we may not be free tomorrow or whenever. 8FLiX Scripts will always be free (with ads…we do have bills to pay)!

Also, you can print any Stranger Things script. Some of our users have printed our scripts and then got them autographed at fan conventions.

Have fun. Welcome to 8FLiX!

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